Seems like this week just keeps on tumbling down.

My phone — both office and cell — just kept on ringing the entire morning just because of some mix-up and human insensitivity of time.

Sometimes, it just ain’t your day, yeah?

I wanted to scream and shout, and throw my cell to the wall — but for what?

Getting pissed off won’t help, especially when things aren’t within your sphere of control.

So breathe Raven, breathe…

On the good side, this week’s almost over.

On the bad side, I’d have to report to my boss’ office when he comes back, offering a long explanation of the bad happenings today.

I am NOT looking forward to that.

Almost over though, so great to be optimistic.

It’s almost over you guys!

Seriously hope he doesn’t fire me. 🙁

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