WTF, Apple?!

Apologies to all the Apple fans out there, but what the hell is going on with your products?

Yes, I do appreciate the convenient touch-screen screen, the ability to download thousands of apps for free to my device and your very cute photo-attach-to-my-contact capability. Now I do know that other smartphones may have the same features, but hell, I do enjoy them on my iPhone.

I also like its durability. Contrary to my opinion that iPhones are fragile, mine has proven itself resilient through these months I’ve been using it.

But seriously.

What the f*ck was wrong with my iPhone this afternoon?

True story: From 5:00pm this afternoon, my iPhone started to vibrate constantly.

I kid you not.

The screen simply went blank without me even touching it, and the phone started vibrating! And vibrating. And vibrating.

It was still vibrating around 3 hours later, and then 5 hours where it then ran out of battery.

With all the slack that Apple has been getting given their doo doo on iPhone 4, I was a bit frustrated and googled about my problem. I come across the Macforum here  upon googling vibrating iphones, and it seems that this is a common problem of iPhone 4 as well!

It’s a recognized bug in such that iPhone 4s with this problem is replaced immediately.

Anyway, I scroll down for a solution and here’s what one person said: “Hooray!!! a vibrator!”

Umm… so do you mean to stop the vibrating, I just gotta do this?

Sigh, stupid phone. 🙁

P.S. Note that I’m not yet giving up on my iPhone. After its demise, it has stopped vibrating. Let’s just hope that this does not become a recurring problem!

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