Holiday — and nowhere to go!

Looong weekend almost over. It’s May 1st — a holiday — and it’s going to be a super slooow day.

Okay, so I’m exaggerating. I still have some stuff cooked up my sleeve. For example, I’m now heading towards the Brothers Hotel for a yam-cha lunch with James and friends.

But after that, no plans. Zilch, zero, nada.

I was supposed to go climbing but for some reason, can’t reach anyone to go climbing with me. You can’t believe how many voice mails I’ve made today. 🙁

Anyway, knowing me, I’ll always cook up of something. Or then again, I can always start cleaning my room. It’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned it since I was so busy. 😉

Okay-dokey, gotta run. Just leaving a note since I have free WLAN (stole from my neighbours) and wish you all a great May 1st! 😀

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