Highly Recommended: Business Executive PH 4-in-1 Franchise Seminars

Do you want to franchise a business but don’t know where to start? Well, I found that Business Exec PH provided a 4-in-1 workshop that gave attendees an idea on how four food/drink concepts work, and how you can possibly make it your future business.

I actually saw this Facebook Ad and inquired. Again, I am not affiliated or sponsored by Business Exec PH, but I have been and came away pleased with what I learned from this whole day event. Below was their ad:

Planning to have your NEXT Business? Our
4 Business 101 Workshop:
✓ Burger Business 101
✓Shawarma Business 101
✓ Milk Tea Business 101
✓ Pares Business 101

Workshop Inclusions:
👉🏻 Food Business Module
👉🏻 Product Costing
👉🏻 Hands – On Training
👉🏻 Workshop Certificate of attendance📍

To sign up https://bizexecph.com/workshops/

Or contact them at Globe: 0917-524-1003 or Smart: 0968-855-1001

Available Training Schedules: March 11, 18, 25, 2023.

I came away pretty pleased. The workshop started with an introduction on who Business Exec PH was and why they’re doing these workshops:

Here were their officers, many of whom were there actively training us which were cool.

Most of the time kasi, business owners sit on their airconditioned offices and order their people around. To be fair to the organizers of Business Exec PH, they are very friendly, gracious and hands on. You can really see how passionate they are about their businesses, and they’re not like typical franchisors who are solely after your money.

Business Exec PH is the next level training center for food business in the Philippines. The organization aim to have top chefs and movs here in the Philippines to start a profitable food business. Their mission is to provide and teach the food business to workshop attendees in addition to possibly marketing their brands to potential franchisees.

I was quite impressed with the training/classroom:

I really loved how clean and bright the training venue was!

You can really see how well prepared the office is. I appreciate the effort of the trainors to ensure all attendees are hands on and are able to try their hand on the different food products, in addition to trying them. This is what the workshop looked like:

The workshop is from 10am to 6pm and consisted on four different parts:

  1. Red Meat Shawarma by Chef John Matthew Agbuya
  2. Burger Ahoy by Sir Albert Angeles
  3. VIP Milk Tea by Vincent Paul and Joy Dematera
  4. Ang’s Pares by Chef Anthony Ang

Red Meat Shawarma by Chef John Matthew Agbuya

It was a pleasant surprise to see Chef John Matthew Agbuya himself to present his concept, the Red Meat Shawarma:

Chef John Matthew Agbuya of Red Meat Shawarma

Chef John started by explaining the history of Shawarma. He added a sprinkler of additional info such as telling us that the shawarma’s taste lies on the herbs and the sauce instead of the easier mayonnaise. However, some people don’t like the weird taste so they were forced to Filipinize the menu to convert more sales.

He graciously shared that his best customers are the students because they have disposable income/allowance from their parents. That’s why sales are lower during summertime when school is out.

Chef Matthew also shared that sales are also higher during the payroll days of 15th and 30th because people like to give themselves a treat for their hard work.

Next part are the items needed which were a multi-cooker and grill pan, food pan, chopping board, knives and hand gloves (plastic and cotton).

He spent a bit of time explaining about MARKETING STRATEGY, as this is an integral part of the business. Specifically:

  • Location is very important. Online food industry boomed during COVID-19, but after the pandemic ended, the business slowed too. Store positioning is important. The slot beside the entrance is more attractive than that of the end.
  • Prime is very important. If you can bid for a better slot, do so. Corners are also important. Once pinipilahan, pupuntahan ng tao.
  • It’s also a numbers game —- foot traffic is important. Observe and count the number of people in the area. If you can convert 2%, that’s already a win.

He also emphasized the use of marketing gimmicks: If kilala ka ng tao, hahanapin ka kahit nasa dulo ka. If there’s no choice of location, resort to ads/promos like buy one take one of shawarma, and innovation. Promoting online and boost post.

To be fair to Business Exec PH, they emphasized the payment of proper taxes for peace of mind and paying people fairly, ergo at leadt minimum wage.

When preparing shawarmas, shelf life of vegetables are important. Any leftover vegetables should be trashed by end of the day. This is important because shawarma have three key vegetables: cucumber, tomato and white onions.

How to prepare cucumber

The reason why it’s thinly slices is para hindi siya nakikisuya.

How to remove tomato seeds

You also need super sharp knives to cut super thinly.

For cheese, they use OK Cheese. cut Cut half and with three slices and then three more. Do not place them too close together for easier use.

How to position cheese, put in airtight container.

Meat preparation of The Red Meat is skewered type and manually sliced. They don’t use ground meat because the consistency is different.

Sauces are house blended. Many people use mayonnaise, but they did their own special house blend that’s not mayonnaise based. They can’t be refrigerated and are stored in room temp.

Place in specialized squeeze bottle. After every use, wash the bottle. All sauces —- garlic and chili —- are provided by them.

I loved the fact that the sauces don’t require to be refigerated

Market is masa. ₱200 shawarma can sell 10-50. At ₱40-50, you can sell 200 pcs to 500 pcs a day.

Pita size do change —- Regular and large. The size depends on the location and your customers’ budgets.

Reheating makes pita soft. You need to heat the entire pita using a panini griller.

You get the chance to make the shawarma, which was really cool. Here is Chef John Matthew Agbuya to help me with the demo:

Franchise is only a reasonably-priced ₱85,000 with 3% royalty. The fee includes the cart, kitchen materials, training fee and ₱5,000 worth of goods. The griller ranges from ₱3,500 to ₱8,000 per piece. The steps:

  • Thaw first for 15-20 mins before reheating. Pita is heated for 5 seconds at 100-150 degrees till umasok si griller (Add 15 gram of meat: ₱10)
  • There are 15 grams meat per serving. As we can see, there’s no ground meat used, only 30% fats
  • One rectangle of cheese (Add cheese: ₱5)
  • 2 lines of garlic sauce
  • 1/2 lines of hot sauce
  • 1 line of cheese sauce

Buy one get one is ₱90 so that ₱45 is per piece. If it’s one piece, it’s ₱50. All meat is ₱65. Minus ₱10 for buy one get one.

Burger Ahoy for Colorful Burger by Chef Albert Angeles

Burger Ahoy started during the pandemic as a supplier for frozen goods. They supplied burgers parts to bigger customers until they started their own brand, Burger Ahoy.

Burger Ahoy became a hit after it became viral during the May 2022 elections with its delicious Leni burgers.

Sir Albert emphasized it’s better to start a business earlier than later. He shared that it’s easier to start a business now more than ever, thanks to social media. So why the burger business?

65% of your market are less than 35 years old because older people have health issues and are less keen to eat burgers

Burgers and shawarma have similar customers. Burger business is not that difficult to start, with a wider option of foods — Burger Steak, Pizza Burger, Rice Toppings, etc. You can partner with beverages and offers a good return of investments.

A successful brand is Angel’s Burger and Yummy Burger. Both are owned by Angel’s but with slightly different branding.

We start with the regular bread knife, griller, spatula, food pan and hand gloves. Since we use tongs, we can use plastic gloves.

Chef Albert is emphasizing the correct type of knives

The squeeze bottle is included in the package and must be sanitized.

Marketing Strategy – Location is still important. Foot traffic is important. But Chef Albert suggested the use of fresh organic lettuce for the crunchiness:

They use raw tomatoes who prefer their tomatoes crunchy. The thickness is not so thin. It should be just right. He recommends not to be too “tipid” in quality. For us to make money, we also have to make it worthwhile.

If you serve to customers something that’s subpar, then they won’t return. “Ang goal namin is that babalikan kami ng customers namin kasi gusto namin na tuloy tuloy ang negosyo.”

Word of mouth advertising is very effective.

The next step is burger preparation:

Sir Albert has a 5 minute rule: They need to give the orders within 5 minutes. That’s why the first step is to first get the pattie upon order.

Fire to low or medium heat. The patty itself is quite thick. Impressive.

The next step is to slice the burger bread with a bread knife.

Each pack or 6 pcs is ₱45. That’s around ₱7.5 per piece. The bun is so siksik! It’s like a well stuffed pillow.

Okay so now we make the burger—Toast the buns in the grill.

The sauce is liquid so if the bread is not toasted, the sauce will be absorbed into the bread.

As you can see, since the bread is warm, the sauce remains at the surface. Hence, the food quality remains consistent. Add mayonnaise in one side with 4 counts so grammage is looked at.

It is where the sauce where you can lose money. Because the excess material makes an impact to your bottom line.

Ketchup is on the other side for a more balanced taste. Then add lettuce.

Stick to the estimate for each leaf to control costs. Even with the vegetables, every single cost should be estimated.

Next is tomato before you place the patty for a quarter pounder.

Place patty to the side to make the servings look more appetizing.

Their patties is 80% meat and 20% fat. Chef Albert guarantees their brand never uses sawdust, which are often used for dog food.

Always wear globes because you’re always being filmed. Remember to only heat up the bread and don’t overcook it.

Put the burgers in freezer to keep the taste.

It is cool that they allow you to try how to make the burgers. It’s different when you listen to the concept and when you try making it:

Fun tip: Put the items onto the cooler to thaw. Once you place it in the pan, cook one side first before turning over. The patties takes 1-2 minutes to cook. So the correct order is:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Patty with cheese on top
  • Cheese sauce on the left

This was my burger:

Kinda proud of the result. Not as easy to screw up the burger.

Sauces are stored at room temperature. Sealed sauces can last up to 2 weeks. Consume within 2 to 5 days upon opening. And always taste before serving.

Buns can keep to 2-3 months when frozen:

Once unfrozen, can’t be returned. Only get what you can use.

They used sliced cheese. Brand Chevital because it’s better quality.

Ooooh they gave us shawarma rice at 2:45pm.

VIP Milk Tea with John Paul and Joy Dematera

Fulipinos love milk tea. Milk tea became popular from 2010 starting from Serenitea, before it boomed in 2010 when Happy Lemon opened at the University Belt.

, then Starbucks. Same suppliers of Macao but taste and branding are different from Macao.

John Paul wants to make their drinks oolong roasted tea, which mixes pait and tamis.

That’s the reason why the first and second week are the strongest. But what keeps the customers from returning.

People love instagrammable concepts, to sitdown and discuss other things.

Items we need for a milk tea business:

You can even try to do your own milk tea:

Shake for 5 seconds.

How to mix and do walling for the cream cheese:

Tapioca is a full scoop for large, half scoop for regular. They do give you the steps to make tapioca pearls: Boil the pearls in 4L water and cooked in low heat for 30 mins. Add red/brown sugar to make it syrupy.

Costing for milk tea is between ₱24-43.2 (Most expensive is Okinawa) a large glass. You can sell the mill tea for ₱45-55 at lowest, ₱75 in schools and ₱85/95 in bazaars. As you can see, price does vary depending on location.

The demo included different formulas, and they asked the attendees to try and make them, which again was very cool:

Here were some of their formulas. Out of respect to Business Exec PH, I won’t reveal their menus in whole because I think it’s worthwhile to attend the workshop to try them for yourself:

  • Classic Milk Tea with Cheese Cake Walling
  • Coffee Milk Tea
  • Classic Wintermelon Cheese Cake
  • Dark Chocolate Cheese Cake
  • Taro Classic
  • Okinawa
  • Coffee Milk Tea
  • Fruit Tea

No budol. This is me doing the Okinawa. I can understand why it’s slightly more expensive than other milk teas because of the amount of Okinawa syrup needed (40ml).

The final product:

Ang’s Pares by Chef Anthony Ang

Chef Anthony Ang owns Ang’s Pares and the Chef Tony Ang’s Inasal in Mandaluyong.

There was not a lot of time so they just gave us a freebie.

Dinsum Palace by Chef A

At the end of the workshop, we were given a certificate. Yahoo! This is with Chef A and Chef John Matthew:

Here with our entire group:

We ended on time at 6pm and it was quite a fun, busog moments with a lot of freebies. If you want to venture for a franchise business, this is one reasonably priced workshop you can consider at the Metro.

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