Being a 100% Financially Dependent Woman is Akin to Gambling


If your cards are right, your kids will thank you for raising them right.

Your loyal husband will thank you when you’re both older for forgoing a career and taking care of the household so that he could be successful in his career.

And everyone else will applaud you for the sacrifices that you’ve done for those you love.

If your bet is wrong, your husband might cheat on you with another woman he met at work. And since you’re financially dependent on him, you’re stuck in your circumstances and can’t fight, can’t leave and can’t take revenge. Because you do need money to have an exit plan.

Or your children because of bad influences or pure bad luck will eventually grow up. Woe to the mom if at your old age and your inability to bring in money, your kids or your in laws will complain that you’re leeching off their money, and that you’re becoming a financial burden to them.

Your in laws might dictate you follow their rules because you live in their house.

You think she resents you for being a freeloader and always asking for money from her husband, your dutiful son. You hear them fighting at night as to why he still has to give you money. You hate the feeling.

You wish people will thank you for your sacrifice.
Pero lahat sila, walang utang na loob and you feel that even asking for allowance from your kids feels like begging for money.

Either future is 50-50 —- Your future might be bright and everyone lives happily ever after. Or life becomes unkind and you realize after years of hard sacrifice for others, you have nothing to show for it.

For me, being SAHM is a noble sacrifice.

It can also be a gamble though if you’re 100% financially dependent on everybody else.

So just make sure you control your cards that everything works out for you because if you dont have enough money, you’re putting most of your eggs in one financial basket —- which is unfortunately controlled by others.

Personally, I prefer being financially self reliant.

If you don’t depend on your husband for money, you don’t have to beg for it if you want to shop.

If you don’t depend on your kids for money, you will usually be welcomed in their houses especially if you’re a generous lola.

If you don’t depend on anyone for money, you’re free to do whatever the hell you want – and not feel guilty about it.

So for me, try to be financially independent even as a SAHM if you can, so you won’t ever be dependent on anyone else.

Good luck!

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