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Designing your Customer’s Emotions in the Key of Rock

Is Marketing more of an art or a science?

Marketing is more of an art with strategy.

Some of the biggest businesses in the world got there by intuition. Musicians work with emotions. 95% of all human decisions are taken in the realm of the unconscious mind.

As adults, we are supposed to be rational. But most of our decisions are made with our hearts. The 5% rationally are used to justify our decisions.

This is the wheel of emotions:

  • Anticipation: Apple, Tesla
  • Joy: Disney, Coca-Cola. About making people feel it.
  • Trust: ING Bank
  • Fear: UV Care, Security Companies, Scary movies, heavy metal music
  • Surprises: Kinder Eggs
    Sadness: eHarmony
    Disgust: Greenpeace
    Anger: Twitter, Donald Trump

  • Coldplay made a change. When they first came out, this was their poster.
  • This is now their peg — Happy
  • Coldplay are also doing a long term collaboration with OXFAM and supports fair trade. They also support zero emissions and sustainability.
  • It’s better to feed both sides of the brain — Rationality and Emotionality.
  • So here are the questions for you.
  • 1. Which emotions is your brand related to?
  • Do you know why customers purchase from you?
  • In Europe, people purchase pizzas to relax. They’re usually ordered on Wednesday night in preparation for sports night. So the emotions is for joy.
  • 2. Are your customers fans? Does your brands have fans?
  • Grow your fans. If you talk to your customers as they are your fans, your attitude towards them will be different.
  • Musicians want to please the fans. We have to think about the difference on how we see clients. Instead of seeing them as customers, we should see them as fans.
  • Fans create more fans. They spread the word of mouth about you. They are the best marketers for your brand.
  • Emotional contagion – Check out an AC-DC Concert.
  • It was held in Argentina several years ago. People were jumping, removing their tops. This was rock and roll and pure emotion.

That’s why rock and roll is important in human history. This is our right side of our brains taking our breath away. It’s all about making people feel something.

Emotions are the ink where we the humans breathe our memories. These emotions burn in the memory forever.

Example: Apple, Harley Davidson, Amazon

3. Move towards the Emotions Marketing Plan. Can you design a marketing plan to rock your customers?

Marketers should be able to design emotions. Decide beforehand how you want them to feel, and create an action plan to achieve that goal.

The right expectations is the key to satisfaction. Design expectations from the beginning.

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