10 Things I Love About Davao City

I have just returned from a brief trip to Davao, and these are the things I love about the city.

1. The taxis are pretty honest.

Compared to Manila’s dinky taxis, most drivers here use the meter and don’t get you lost to charge more money. If they overcharge you, you can report them to the government where they will be given a warning.

2. Multiple IDs per person.

This holds people accountable to their actions. If you are unprofessional or bastos, you will be blacklisted.

3. Food is relatively cheap versus Manila.

This eat-all-you-can shrimp buffet was only php300 per head. For crab, it’s less than php500.

You can have a buffet BBQ for only php199 per head.

They also have a pretty cool Roxas night market where you can inihaw (grill) and paluto (cook) for cheap.

4. The police is everywhere.

Many do not accept bribes. You feel safer when they are around.

That’s just crazy!

5. Accommodation is cheap.

We stayed at RedDoorz which is only php900 for two people per night.

The bed was clean, the aircon was cold and there was hot water. The hotel was at the center of town.

6. People are generally respectful and are polite, happy folk.

They are always smiling. They speak politely and use the words boss, Ma’m or Sir. Even though they are normal people, many are happy with their lot and complain less.

In Manila, people earn more but complain a lot more. They are more miserable despite being paid 35% more.

7. Davao air is clean and crisp.

There’s a lot of nature to see all around. You can go to the beach or the mountains. Very relaxing.

8. Touring around Davao is still reasonable.

Your money gets you far. A whole day of tour for 4 pax cost only php2,500-3,500 which includes a cool taxi ride and a smiling guide for the entire day.

For the best tour, contact Kuya Joey Davao at +63 926-665-9396 (Globe) or +63920 695 4333.

9. You can try the sweetest pomelo and durian.

There’s no durian in Manila. Hahaha!

10. Davao is super accessible.

You can fly in on Friday early morning and come back by Sunday, giving yourself ample time to relax, enjoy and tour around the city.

Air fare cost only php3,800 per person round trip via Cebu Pacific.

Overall, it’s only my first time to travel to Davao. But the city leaves me with a great first impression. I will definitely come back again!

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