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10 Quick Takeaways from the Lockdown

1. Make sure you have savings to tide you even with a 6 month lockdown. Stop buying luxurious things if you don’t have any savings —- Do you really need a pair of Valentino shoes? 2. Work for a company … Continue reading

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10 Things I Love About Davao City

I have just returned from a brief trip to Davao, and these are the things I love about the city. 1. The taxis are pretty honest. Compared to Manila’s dinky taxis, most drivers here use the meter and don’t get … Continue reading

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Why We Brought our Toddler to the Dentist

This month, our 2 year old daughter cleaned her teeth at our neighboring dentist. This is the third time she’s visited the dentist for cleaning. Luckily, she was docile and kept still for most of the cleaning. “Why would you … Continue reading

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