HR OPINION: Is this considered a toxic environment? Would you leavre?


What do you think of a company wherein the owner calls his employees stupid, idiot and useless? Is it acceptable in any situation?

Side story: I have been accepted in a young company. Althou they have the machineries and the properties already and they are expanding their projects. Most of the employees are new. They have very low employee retention rate. May mga 5 months, 1 month pa, 4 and so on. I was thinking why. HR is new, 1 month.

Then it was my first time to attend a coordination meeting.

Okay, drum roll!

Latag na ng mga accomplishment, concerns and issue. New manager presided and new supervisor (3 days old sa company, lol) start na sa mga violations ng skilled workers. Absenteeism, stealing of company’s resources etc., causing trouble to the operations.

To make the story short, owner started to question the current manager (3months) his efficiency and leadership. Later then called him out stupid, idiot and useless. Same rin sa isang employee napagsabihan din.



Personally, I think that yours is a company that has many opportunities to grow IF you are good.

The issue here is that the manager does NOT know what he’s doing. If he’s been there for 3 months, the question is why are all these problems —- absenteeism, stealing of company resources and disruption of operations —- still happening? His job is to curb this problems… so why is it continuing or getting worse?

I am sure the manager’s salary is not cheap. He should be experienced. If he is GOOD, he should be able to slowly but surely stop the flow of issues and solve the owner’s problem of getting the people’s act together.

But he does not.

Instead of improvement, the problems continue, causing the owner frustration, stress and continuous money loss.

How would you feel if you’re the owner and you see your investments drifting away because the person you hired was not very good and overpromised during the interview? Won’t you get mad too?

Before you judge, find out the facts first. You are just new. Don’t take things at face value.

Actually, I find fault with the owner not because he thought the manager was useless, but that he should NOT vocalize and say explicitly to the manager that he is stupid, an idiot and useless.

This would get him into trouble and will produce unhappy incompetent managers.

Not helpful.

But, reading what you shared, I DO AGREE that the manager that was hired IS negligent, not magaling and does not run his operations very well.

Just imagine, what has he been doing the last 3 months? Why are the problems still contuining? Nakatunganga lang ba?

Which brings me as to why many people still come into these businesses.

Given the incompetencies of my fellow colleagues, many of them would not last. I had this during my first year of management. I never called the person stupid, but I was like a banshee getting mad here and there because wow, you cannot imagine the sheer boo boos a manager can make! Yes, manager na, bakit pa tanga tanga pa? It was frustrating.

However, if you are magaling and can SOLVE THE OWNER’S PROBLEMS, you will see a different side of the owner and experience his generosity once the business experiences some success due to YOUR contribution.

The owner now knows what an incompetent manager is. He will know and appreciate a competent manager and reward them handsomely later on.

That’s your choice to stay or not —- I do not excuse the owner’s behavior but I do UNDERSTAND it.

As I said, if you the owner, and it was your money, and you hired these manager who seem to not do his job, would you think as well this manager is useful, smart and a great hire?

I think not.

If I was magaling, actually, THIS is the company I would like to work in.

The problems are solvable, the owner is dependent on the manager and the potential great for big bonus and complete trust of owner if you can solve the owner’s problem.

Respect should be given, yes. But at the same time, respect should also be earned. Is this manager respectable and good? Is he someone you can follow? From your story, he does not seem to be very good.

Your choice.

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