Welcome to the Crystal Mozart! It’s good to be “home”

We have arrived at Crystal Mozart at 6pm after checking out from Prague, and visiting Kuta Hora.

It is an utter pleasure to be at Crystal Mozart again. The staff greeted us warmly and many recognized us from last year. It was so nice to hear them say, “Welcome Madame, do you remember me from last year? It is a pleasure to serve you again!”

Waaaaah, so nice to be back!

The reception was easy and everything is done at the ipad. They can even do their check-ins at the room door. They have your photo and signature so everything’s personalized:

Check-in was a breeze. And the team made sure we were comfortable inside our room in a jiffy.

The room was cozy and clean. Please note that we had a standard room so this was already impressive.

Look ma, automatic toilets! With automatic bidet and dryer! The toilet seat goes up and down whenever there’s someone in the room.

Look, Etro shampoo, lotion and soap!

Everything is included in the price. Even the champagne, the coffee pods and drinks inside the ref. That’s one great thing about Crystal, you pay once and everything is included.

At 7:30pm, we head to the Waterside for dinner and was warmly greeted by Sebastian, our favorite server from last year.

We brought a bigger group this time so Sebastian and Co was nice to set this table for us.

This is a popular table,” Sebastian shared. There were a lot of Asian groups in this cycle.

The menu for the night:

The bread was really nice. Make sure you get the Saltine bread as it’s perfectly soft and salted. I get this bread every time when on board.

Our appetizers was the Styrian Ham and Mushroom Tart. I like them both. The mushrooms are perfectly seasoned and fresh.

Followed by the roasted pumpkin soup.

My daughter is surprised by the serving of pasta. It was too much so our entire table had to share:

And we had the steak sirloin, medium.

For dessert, we had the raspberry zuppa ingles to share as we were already so full. Parents in law had black currant sorbets.

Once again, the Waterside did not disappoint. The Cappuccino was dark and awesomely milked, and was the perfect end to the meal.

Tomorrow, we will visit Vienna. So excited!

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