Highly Recommended: Ocean Park Hong Kong

Today, we’re going to Ocean Park!

Hong Kong is still very convenient and we got to the Ocean Park MRT station in record time. Even with the protests, the MRT is still efficient, bravo!

Security check

We are surprised to see a big crowd at Ocean Park. Apparently, the rioters do not deter a good day of weekend fun.

Fortunately, we bought our tickets in Klook so skipped the line. Yehey!

These were the prices. If you live in Hong Kong, it’s best to buy the annual pass.

Mandatory photo with the dolphin:

First stop, The Grand Aquarium

The line was long due to taking a souvenir photo.

The aquarium is well cleaned. They maintain it well despite years of wear and tear.

Giant Pacific Octopus beautifully in motion

My favorite, jellyfishes. So mesmerizing.

Seahorses, some are pregnant.

The aquarium is beautiful and builds up to the climax.

Wow………! Imagine if you swam with these amount of fish!

Apparently, this is bangus, or milkfish, the Philippines national fish. The things we learn today.

Walking further…

Is this Alaskan crabs?

Good thing there’s a guide for every exhibit. These were Japanese Giant Spider Crabs.

Another big aquarium. Lots of black spotted stingray and other sharks here.

I love the fact that the Ocean Park spews conservation messages like Saving the Fishes starts from us. Kids are our future. So it’s great they are starting them young.

I remember it to be bigger,” hubby said.

Yes, I remember a walkalator,” I shrugged. Maybe it’s in another exhibit.

On second thought, the walkalator inside the aquarium is found in Ocean Park Singapore, not in Hong Kong.

Giant Panda Exhibit

Apprently, these giant beasts sleep around 10 hours a day.

This panda was born in 1986 and 33 years old. It’s fun to watch it eat. For the amount of food they consume, I’m surprised they’re not obese.


They share the exhibit with the Sichuan Golden Snub Nosed Monkey. They’re very athletic creatures.

A lot of instagrammable places in the park.

The Ocean Express Waterfront Station

The station by itself is wonderfully made and surprisingly did not have a line.

We wait for our turn. It’s cool that this ride can accommodate more people at a time.

Please sit properly.

It’s a repurposed subway train,” hubby said.

The train makes you feel as if you’re traveling underwater. A giant octopus attacks and breaks the window.

The Waterfront Station drops you to the elevator going to Thrill Mountain. Now we are lost.

Thrill Mountain mostly have adult rides. The 3 year old cannot reach the height limit.

Beware, this is a fast ride. People were screaming to high heavens.

This was scary. The ride does a 360.

Our daughter is too little so we rest a little and she eats a banana

North Pole Encounter was the only exhibit that was toddler friendly. The polar bears look promising.

First up, feeding of seal.

They also do some mental exercises to stimulate the seals’ mind. It must be boring just to swim in and out of the aquarium all day.

Huge Pacific Walruses who were kind enough to give us a show.

They are showmen and loved the audience.

My favorite exhibit so far!

We buy a few souvenirs. In a way, it’s supporting the park. They’ve done a great job so far.

Artic fox is next. They’re all sadly sleeping.

The South Pole exhibit smells like fish! If Manila Ocean Park has a lot of penguins, they cannot trump Hong Kong Ocean Park.

The place is cold. Bring a jacket.

Back to the Ocean Express to get food. We want to try the carousel!

The kiddie train was super slow and perfect for newborns.

We returned for food and to try the other carousel. Then, the Gator Marsh and the Red Pandas.

This is a real gator, ladies and gentlemen. A baby one but real.

The fire fox or red panda was cute. It looks like a racoon though. We were lucky to catch their feeding time.

We got to see the panda up close. It was lying there relaxing.

The exhibit was really nice. It’s cold and looks a bit like a mountainous forest.

And Chinese Giant Salamander. They’re the largest salamanders in the works and lived in the age of dinosaurs. They are blind as a bat.

This is the head.

This is the tail.


Outside are the turtles and the Asian small clawed otters.

Feeding time.

“They eat fish like a penguin,” my daughter said. No, I did know they eat fish.

And an expensive goldfish and carp collection including a breed with balloons in their eyes.

Cable car is next.

For nostalgic reasons, the cable car is a must.

There are numerous food kiosks on the way to the cable car. You can avail of traditional Hong Kong delicacies.

And ride the other carousel.

The line up the cable car was freaking 30 minutes. Next time, do this first before the afternoon crowd arrives.

And we still wait….

Exhausted with waiting.

Almost there…

Almost there…


Our jokester making faces again!

Photo souvenir cost HKD 280 with photo and snow globe. Since it’s a visit with ama, the cost is well worth it.

Tips in Visiting Ocean Park

1. Take the MRT. It’s the fastest way to the park.

2. Buy tickets via Klook to save time. We were able to get php2,000 off because they had a promo.

3. Do the cable car first. Go around Thrill Mountain and move backwards. Cable car is very popular and was the only one we really fell in line for. Do that first and everything else last.

4. There are water fountains everywhere to refill water bottles.

5. Go early especially with the protests going on. That way, you can finish early too.

Last Thoughts

A trip to Ocean Park is a must do when in Hong Kong. Our daughter was 2 during her first visit but 3 is the best age to go.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. Even if it’s slightly tiring, it’s part of memory building, so we will definitely visit Ocean Park when we go to Hong Kong.

By the way, the Hong Kong youth nowadays. Sits in priority seat and does not give way to seniors.

Someone eventually gave my mom a seat. The next senior was not given a seat.

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