Annulment in the Philippines 101

The Philippines is one of the few countries where divorce is not allowed. Given it’s strong religious roots which dictate what the Lord has brought together, man cannot bring apart, couples here separate illegally, and co-habitate and have children with other (wo)men while still married to their spouse.

It’s a confusing yet common situation.

Most of our staff have children from two men because they were married to one, had kids, separated, co-habited with another and had a few more kids. The man who is the father of her second set of children also have kids of his own on his first marriage.

That’s why, so many people are petitioning for an annulment in the Philippines:

Source: Rappler

A lot of women are asking how to get an annulment in the Philippines. Here’s eight tips on how to get an annulment in the Philippines.

  1. Get a lawyer that specializes in annulment. Ask as many lawyer friends that you know for referral and know their track record.
  2. Prepare at least php200,000 to php500,000 for the battle. Approx 9 months to 20 years for the process. So yes, it’s grueling and draining.
  3. There are only 3 valid grounds for annulment:

    a. Psychological incapacity: You must prove with psychiatric exam that either one of you is unfit to be married at the time of marriage. If not him, you. Don’t use this if you have kids.

    b. Psychical abuse with your life being constantly threatened: You need a LOT of documentation like medical certificate, proof of bruises and injuries not just once or twice, but repeated times, hopefully regularly in a span of year.

    Testimonial evidence —- family member actually witnessing him hitting you —- will be valuable. Better if impartial witness, not family member.

    c. Underage marriage without parental consent. So it’s as if you did not get married

    Note: The following are NOT grounds for annulment —- Adultery / Chicks / Pambabae / Getting another woman pregnant, laziness, irresponsibile with money or don’t get along with you or your family. Him having addictive or gambling issues is also not a cause for annulment. So don’t even try.

  4. Get a psychological exam to prove that you are sane and a better parent for your kids. That’s around php10,000 to 50,000. You will pay this amount for the psychiatrist to appear in court and swear under oath, testifying on your behalf.
  5. Make sure to attend every hearing. This is important. Even if your father dies, you have to appear.
  6. If you have property or assets, divest it now. Better if you have nothing under your name.
  7. Live separately from your ex spouse. Make sure you have enough moolah to survive and your kids to survive. This will take time and money. Do NOT have sex with him throughout the entire process.
  8. Have patience, it’s a long process. Especially if you have children. If you proceed, finish it without mercy. Spend all the time and money and effort to get your annulment. Do not listen if people ask you to call it off. Just do it.

Source: Husband who had his annulment 10 years ago. It only took him 9 months since it was a half-year marriage without kids or assets. He’s very happy he got annulled. But it sure was a draining and unforgettable experience.

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