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HR Talk: 13 Questions Answered about the 105-Day Maternity Leave Law (And an Excel Calculator to Compute Mat Ben)

The RA No. 11210 105-Day Maternity Leave Law is one of the most highly celebrated laws passed by the Duterte government last 2019. Despite the hoopla surrounding this law, so many people are still confused about its application, specifically how … Continue reading

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HR Talk: 16 Common Questions Answered about Probationary Employment in the Philippines

Let’s Talk about Probationary Employment I have been receiving a lot of questions from probationary employees who found their employment allegedly prematurely ended after the ECQ was lifted. Many have started less than 180 days ago, mostly from January 2020. … Continue reading

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Annulment in the Philippines 101

The Philippines is one of the few countries where divorce is not allowed. Given it’s strong religious roots which dictate what the Lord has brought together, man cannot bring apart, couples here separate illegally, and co-habitate and have children with … Continue reading

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