Format: Quit Claim for Departing Yayas



That I, (Yaya Name), Filipino, of legal age, a resident of (Yaya Residence Address), and formerly employed with (Employer’s Name), do by these presents acknowledge that I have already received my full payment and final settlement of the (financial assistance or separation pay, overtime pay, salary or salaries, wage or wages, commutable sick and vacation leaves, gratuities or any kind of compensation or emoluments) due to me or which may be due to me from (Employer’s Name) under the law or under any existing agreement with respect thereto, as well as any and all claims of whatever kind and nature which I have or may have against (Employer’s Name), arising from my employment with (and the termination of my employment with) (Employer’s Name).

In consideration of this agreement, I do hereby acknowledge this quitclaim, and will waive any and all actions of whatever nature, expected, real or apparent, which I may have against (Employer’s Name).  I will institute no action, whether civil, criminal, labor or administrative against (Employer’s Name). Any and all actions which I may have commenced either solely in my name against (Employer’s Name) are hereby deemed and considered voluntary withdrawn by me and I will no longer testify or continue to prosecute said action(s).

I declare that I have read this document and have fully understood its contents.  I further declare that I voluntarily and willingly executed this Release, Waiver and Quitclaim with full knowledge of my rights under the law.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand at Current Address, this ___ day of (Month) 2019.

(Yaya Complete Name)


_______________________        ______________________

I also use this document for all other employees departing our employ. Word Document can be downloaded here: QuitClaim – Generic

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