Unlucky Week: When you deal with people who are malabong kausap

This has not been a great week.

I have been a victim of people who are malabong kausap (people with no word of honor) several times this week. It’s annoying.

There’s an online seller who had agreed to sell to me a branded bag at an x price. Everything was already confirmed and settled and I was just going to pickup and pay for the bag.

Before we met, he messaged me, “Bonita, I’m so sorry, but someone gave me a higher offer, and I really need the money so I am giving her the bag.”

The offer was x plus Php 1,000 so it was truly annoying. It wasn’t that I couldn’t match the Php 1,000. Rather, it was that the deal was already struck, and he backed out instead of informing me that someone was offering a higher price for the bag.

I had another company who confirmed a quotation, but then charged me a higher price once I was about to pay. 

This bad luck has moved to my personal life.

I also hired a private tutor for my daughter this week.

On her ad, she said she was “responsible, hardworking and patient with kids.”


On the day she was supposed to teach for the first time, she messaged me that she was not feeling well.

Later on, she messaged me again to say that I need to find another tutor.


I would like to look at the positives in this unfortunate situations. This quotation comes to mind: 


Maybe there is a better bag for me.

Maybe there is a better solution for my business.

Maybe there is a better tutor for my daughter.

Still, it’s very frustrating. Hopefully, my bad luck would end. Happy Chinese New Year!


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