Only in the Philippines: Palusot Queen

My promodiser was caught sleeping on duty. She was suspended for three days, as she had a tendency to sleep on the job and was vocally warned multiple times.

I didn’t sleep on the job,” she wrote in her incident report. “I only closed my eyes.”


Great, at least she didn’t say that she was praying instead of working.

Upon inspection of her kiosk, the security guard found out that several unpaid items belonging to other concessionaires were hidden inside our kiosk.

Ma’m, I have no idea how the outright items got there,” she wrote. “I did borrow the items from the concessionaire and put it inside the kiosk to reserve the item. I plan to pay for them once I received my salary.”

Accounts made by the concessionaire claim that she had no clue that my diser had the missing earrings in her possession. She didn’t lend it to my promodiser. Instead, my promodiser took it without the concessionaire’s consent.

Here were the list of unpaid items inside the kiosk:

  1. 12 x pairs of socks (4 packs of 3 pcs Burlington socks)
  2. 2 x small stuffed toys
  3. 1 x keychain
  4. 1 x shirt
  5. 6 x pairs of eyeglasses
  6. 1 x pair of earrings (Yaya Dub)

To why she has 6 pairs of glasses, I have no clue. But it was there hidden in my kiosk, and only she was responsible.

But this was not only the items she took. Our relievers submitted an incident report dated January 17 that there were the following items that were found inside the kiosk but is no longer there — two cycling shorts, one neck pillow, fitted blouses, 3 wallets with feathers. These items are already missing from the department store.

My promodiser admitted that she only borrowed the things that she was caught with. She told them these were on loan until she paid for them.

Apparently, it’s not stealing if you put a can of coke inside your bag while inside 7-11. It is only stealing if you take it out without paying.

Well, that doesn’t explain how other things were reported missing and were seen in her kiosk, and have now disappeared.

That’s the biggest problem in the Philippines. Cost of business is great here, but managing people is difficult.

They are always excusing themselves. Giving silly reasons on why they are unprofessional.

If they are late, they blame the traffic.

If they don’t sell, they blame the crowd or the customer.

If they steal something, they say they have no clue how it got there.

Only in the Philippines…. only in the Philippines. If you manage people here, you have to get used to the excuses, and to put your foot down and ensure that everyone follows the rules. It’s not easy to be Ms. Bitchy, but sometimes, if you want to successfully manage a business here, you need to trim the fat from the bone, and to not accept bullshit just because the staff is fake crying.

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