How do you know you’ve found the Right One?

Answer: “You just know.”

And before you strangle me for giving you a typical B.S. answer, let me implore you to think more about how deep that answer is.

First, majority of people who’ve found The One say it, and say it often. They agree with this statement 1000%.

Everyone doubts when an answer is too simple. How can something as complicated as love be answered that simply?

But yes, it’s true — if it’s the One, there will come a point in that relationship when you just know.

My husband knew I was the One when I didn’t abandon him at his darkest moment.

He was sitting inside a jail cell crying his heart out thinking I would leave him for what he did, and I stuck around.

I knew Husband was the One after he quit porn and drinking.

This belief was further reinforced a week before our wedding day when he agreed to take care of the giveaways. There he was mechanically arranging our souvenirs while watching TV. That moment, I thought, “I’m glad I’m with someone who can handle things. “

A few days later, he helped me glue sparkly beads on my wedding dress.

That did it for me.

Sticking sparkly beads to a wedding dress may not be a big deal to a lot of people, but it was to me.

Just imagine the scenario, there I was regretting why I even started gluing sparkly things to my wedding dress. I’ve already started and I had to finish the whole darn thing, and I was only 20% done and the wedding was 5 days away.

It was very frustrating for me that I am still not even half-way done, and it has to be done, and nobody is helping me. And I cannot get anyone to help me because it was my dress, and I had to finish it on my own.

And since husband finished his job, which was taking care of the souvenirs, I couldn’t ask him to help me with MY job, which I wanted to do in the first place.

My now husband felt so sorry for me he took another stick of glue and helped me with my dress.

There we were at the living room, gluing stick beads to a big flowing wedding dress. Working together as a team.

Husband of course did most of the work. I was slower than him, or he had better glue. But the most important thing was, we finished it in 2 days.

That did it for me — that was the day, I knew Husband was the One.

3 days before the wedding.

And I never looked back ever since.

When you know.jpg

During my wedding day, all the doubts and fears were gone… only excitement. It was honestly one of the happier days in my life, and all I can feel was LOVE.

Love from my family, love from our friends, and of course, love from my husband. There was a lot of love that day.

I think it’s okay to have doubts in a relationship.

To tell you the truth, I doubted my relationship with now husband all throughout. I thought in many points of our relationship, we were going to break up. It was truly because of God’s grace and approval that we are here today.

When I said “Yes” to my husband’s proposal, I also had doubts. But I said yes anyway. Because it’s better to say yes when you are not sure, than to say no and then regret it.

But I can tell you for sure — on my wedding day, I was SURE.

I was 1000% sure that this is God’s BEST for me. That my husband was the right person for me. And I was so happy that I found him.

So to answer the question, How do you know if the man or woman you’re dating is the Right One?

My answer is, like many happily married couples out there is YOU JUST KNOW.

And while I agree that the timing differs with everyone – you’d never really know when knowing will hit you – I think everyone will agree that you have until your wedding day to figure it out.

As the door opens and you walk down the aisle, your heart must be at peace, and your eyes only for him.


There must be no doubt, no stress in your heart that the Right person is the one standing in front of you.

Otherwise, RUN.

Run my friend, RUN. Don’t get married just because he asked you.

Don’t get married if you do not know.

Marry the man/woman you know in your heart is the Right One.

And you have until your wedding day to be sure about it.

I was sure on my wedding day. Are you?

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