Stalkerish Much?

Unlike many women, I like accompanying my husband everywhere he goes.

My mom used to go with my father everywhere so history repeats itself.

A friend used to tell me that the one time that my father went to Europe without my mother, she found him crumpled on the floor staring in front of his luggage because he usually relies on my mom to fit everything inside.

In short, my father was lost without my mother.

In my father’s lifetime, he left even the most mundane of tasks to my mother. He doesn’t even have a cellphone because he will just instruct my mom to call his friends on his behalf.

What can I say? My mom spoiled my dad a wee bit too much!

Now, my husband is more self-reliant and independent than my father.

While my husband doesn’t need me as much, it’s still cool that he likes me around as well. He’s not like other men who like to keep his work and wife separate.

Give me boys time!” an ex used to tell me. “Can’t you understand it’s important for me to have time with the boys?” 

Not so with husband…!

When we were dating, after work, he used to ask me to accompany him to car club meets.

People who go to these meets know that you do not bring your girlfriend along with you. Not only will the women would be bored, but combine a bunch of men with beautiful models and alcohol, then chaos ensues. Bringing the girlfriend was considered as KJ (killjoy).

So I am tickled that my husband always ask me to go with him. 🙂

It helps that his parents are almost always together too. His father spends the afternoon in his foundry business, before meeting up with my mother-in-law in the evening to help him in her business.

I guess, history really repeats itself, huh?

So whenever possible, I try to be with him. I can’t always have the time to go because of our business, but whenever I can, I try to be present whenever possible.

Like today, I managed to get away from our business to hang out with him at his shop. I keep busy by scheduling some interviews, mooching off the free internet.

It’s my way to offer him some moral support.


Since I have a small business to handle, these moments are more of a luxury. I don’t always have time to go with him to his shop.

But when I do, he makes me feel very comfortable.

For example here he is bribing me with cheap Great Taste coffee.


Warms my heart.

I think it’s great that we share the same beliefs on the amount of time we would like to spend together. If he is not comfortable in having me around, my regular calls and presence would be considered “stalkerish.” 

I have been called “needy” before and it hurts.

Great thing, I don’t have to worry about being needy with husband. Because he loves having me there as well. 🙂

Hope you’re having a great day as well!

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