The Night We Got Pulled Over By Cops for Lewd Behavior

Boyfriend and I went to the Top Gear Philippines party last night at Prive in Fort Bonifacio. Everything who’s a who’s who in the car industry was there.

After the party, Boyfriend took me home.

And of course, after an awesome party, what do couples usually do?

Answer, they park the car in a dark spot somewhere, and start wildly making out. Clothes will be flying off, hands will go to where it shouldn’t go, and yes, you will be in a compromising position.

Which we in some ways did.

We parked the car in a dark spot close to where I lived.

Turned off the engine.

Proceeded to pull back our seats for a more comfortable position.

For comfort sake, I propped my feet up the dashboard, still with my white heels on.

We both got comfortable…
















And then we started talking.

We talked about the party, on who were there, and our friends.

We talked about his shop, and our upcoming trip.

We talked about a prospective business together.

I think we talked for about twenty minutes, when the cops suddenly pulled over. Out came three nicely looking cops with flashlights.


In the Philippines, if you get caught with your pants down, you will be charged with indecent exposure. According to Wikipedia, Indecent Exposure is “the deliberate exposure in public or in view of the general public by a person of a portion or portions of his or her body, in circumstances where the exposure is contrary to local moral or other standards of appropriate behavior.”

More information about this crime here.

Fortunately, because of our purity agreement, Boyfriend and I were caught fully clothed, merely talking, with my legs propped up the dashboard. You cannot imagine our relief for being caught with our pants and skirts on.

It’s okay officer, we were just talking,” we said as we waved them over.

Closer came the three officers, each with their flashlights.

Put up your shirt,” one officer said as he flashed his light to the direction of Boyfriend’s pants.

Boyfriend puts up his shirt.

He still has his belt on.

Problem abated with smiles.

The officers tell us to just move our car since our neighbor has already reported us.

Boyfriend takes me home, kisses me goodbye and I go in.

I think these are one of the days when God’s grace truly shines. When we signed the purity agreement last August, Boyfriend and I embarked in a difficult journey to keep ourselves pure until the day of our honeymoon, if ever we reach that point.

So far, it hasn’t been easy. Anyway, people have needs right? And nobody believes us that we can keep pure, the same way that nobody believes we can stop drinking alcohol. Hence, the large intake of super sweet iced tea at last night’s party.

And yet, despite a few hiccups, in God’s grace, we have managed it.

And in nights like these when there’s three police guys flash their lights at you trying to catch you with your underwear off, it’s great when you’re actually just talking. It’s not uncommon for people getting caught for lewd behavior trying to bribe the police with at least Php 1,000 each, or having their parents called to the police station as your heads hang in shame.

Oh well, it’s great we don’t have to be in that situation, praise God!

Anyway, hope that you are all doing well. Have a great week ahead!

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