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I’ve been in a bad mood these days…

The thing I hate the most about the Philippines is the lack of freedom and voice that I’ve enjoyed versus when I was living abroad. Overseas, I wore exactly and stayed out as late as I wanted, but here in the … Continue reading

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Lies that Keep you Single

A friend of mine shared the following article: “3 Lies That You Tell Yourself to Keep Yourself Single.” These are the following: I will never find a man who’ll love me. I’m not worthy of a great love. I will die … Continue reading

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Rush to See “Rush”

I LOVED the movie, “Rush.” Starring Chris Hemsworth in a role that didn’t have a mythical hammer in it, and Daniel Bruhl, who transforms himself into an arrogant yet meticulous German F1 World Champion, Rush brings us back to the … Continue reading

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Purity Ring and MORE

Last weekend, Boyfriend, with all the solemness he could muster, gave me a purity ring. As you all know, Boyfriend and I have been attending Christian pre-engagement, pre-marital counseling. As part of our curriculum, we were asked to preserve our … Continue reading

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Fake it till you make it — NOT!

I can’t really fake what I feel. Despite what other people say, my emotions can clearly be seen in my face. If I’m happy, I cannot help but laugh out loud. If I’m sad, I cannot help but be bothered. … Continue reading

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Yes, Looks DO Matter! 5 Ways to Look Better!

Let’s admit it. Physical attractiveness matters. In fact, it would be a complete lie if a person tells you that appearances means nothing, and even if you let yourself go, you can still make your partner’s blood boil really hard. … Continue reading

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They’re Engaged!!!

My Bible Group Leader just got engaged after less than 2 months of dating. It was announced just today via Facebook of all things, and so far, the status update is now at 200 congratulations and counting! 🙂 I always … Continue reading

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Don’t Look for Love. Look for the Right Person to Fall in Love With.

The average age for a Filipino to get married is 22.6 years old. For men, it’s at a higher 25.8 years. For people in richer, urban areas, expect this number to be higher, say 26 to 28 years old for … Continue reading

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