I’m just blown away: 30 Seconds to Mars

Also known as pretty boy’s Jared Leto‘s (the cute boy from My So-Called Life) band, 30 Seconds to Mars is AMAZING. Finally, I’ve found another band that can up Linkin Park’s beats… and goodness knows how long I’ve been waiting for it.

As it turns out, this new discovery had been under my nose all along — The band has been formed since 1998!

I’ve read before that people have disregarded 3STM as just a teen star’s obsession, but that’s actually not true. If you listen very closely, you can see that their lyrics are totally meaningful and increase social and anti-war awareness. In the music video, “This is War,” the band doesn’t hide their disdain for George Bush’s decisions to get the United States to War.

What’s more, their videos are just beautiful. Many of them are directed by Jared Leto himself under two pseudonyms, which shows the genius of the man.  They are all artistically done.

Can’t help but share — I am totally psyched!

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