Chat of the Day – Eeeehhh?

Me: “My mom has been asking me questions again.”

Trader: “What does she want to know?”

Me: “She wants to know when I will get married.”

Trader: “Oh gosh. Hahahaha actually my parents haven’t been mentioning you anymore.” (Quicknote: Trader’s parents used to vocally HATE me. I was THAT woman. Now, they’ve stopped and begun being amicable.)

Me: “I told her when I’m 38.”

Trader: “Umm… isn’t that a bit too old? Anyway, the mess arrives earlier with Filipino Chinese parents.”

Me: “Hahaha, not old. It’s post baby age. What do you mean when you said mess?”

Trader: “Why did you say, post baby age? Don’t you know I like many kids? There would be a lot of mayhem in the house. These discussions start about the mid-20s.”

Me: “Yeah but backcount please…

– Proposal to wedding: a year
– Honeymoon till start baby making: 1.5 years
– Manufacturing the baby: 9 months
– Rest till next baby: 1.5 years

At my age, it’s tough to get a lot of kids.”

Trader: “Amended timeline:

– Proposal to wedding: 0.5 years
– Honeymoon till start baby making: 0.5 years
– Manufacturing: 9 months
– Rest till next baby: 1 yr

So that’s 3 years to make the 2nd baby…”

***Me thinking: “Does he want to kill me?!”***

Trader: “I guess you’re not that impressed with my timeline?”

Me: “Waw, tight schedule. I don’t want.”

Trader: “Haha, that’s the only way, you’ll see…”

Me: “Target too aggressive. Must revise expectations lower.”

Trader: “Good thing it’s not four kids. I think the target is just fine. :)”

***Long silence***

Trader: “Are you mad?”

Me: “No, just speechless.”

Trader: “Hahahah okay, so moving on…”


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