So yes, I’m a total klutz…

People who know me think that I’m confident and all that. Maybe it’s because I’m thoroughly opinionated and seem to know what to say, even though we all know that at times it can be kinda stupid.

Most people do not know however that I am a complete klutz.

Seriously, who loses her dorm key on the VERY FIRST DAY SHE MOVES IN?

I remember actually applying for new keys after I lost mine. Note that the keys were given to me no less than an hour before. As I went to see the cleaning lady downstairs, she was pretty helpful.

That was pretty stupid,” she said in Mandarin.

Who loses her keys on the first day?” she continued her kind remarks.

And there I was tapping my foot just wishing she’ll stop complaining and give me a new set of keys. I couldn’t lock the door, my stuff were still in the room and I needed to meet my parents.

She told me I had to go to the security office and apply for lost keys. The walk took around 15 minutes.

Apply, apply, apply. Go back.

Whoops, I had to pay HKD450 or something for the new sets of keys.

Whaaat?!” I screamed. “That’s highway robbery!!!”

As it turns out, since I lost three different keys, I needed to pay for each of them.

Grumbling, I proceeded to do so.

HKD450 poorer later, I went back to my room. I unpacked my stuff, and after half an hour, I saw them.


Which I thought I lost.


So, I had to go back to the supervisor. Beg her to return my money, and dragged my sorry ass back to my dorm to finish unpacking.

But klutziness never ends.

This way, I have a huge bruise on my upper right thigh. HUGE, I tell you.

How I got it?

I hit myself with a large shoebox.

My brother Fedexed (yes, he used the super expensive courier service) his girlfriend’s shoes to me to have the shoe size upped by half a size. As it turns out, the mother of his girlfriend came to Hong Kong the previous week and bought shoes for her, unknowningly buying something that was half a size too big.

So of course, my generous brother sent over the goods, asked me to switch and send it back to him.

It took me a while to get the thing done because I was so busy with school, but I finally decided I had enough time to send it to him, so I brought it with me last Monday to be posted.

Bad news: Monday was some Hong Kong holiday. Every public service place was closed including the post office.

So I had to lug this shoe box (and they were quite big btw) around THE WHOLE DAY.

Grumble, grumble, grumble. I hate you… grumble.

So come evening, as I was on the rush to take the walk-alator (escalators that are flat, usually seen in airports), I didn’t notice but my box was on the right and because I was so much in a rush, I accidentally rammed the box to my upper thighs.

So imagine the edge of the walkalator, the box then my thigh. Imagine, maximum impact.


Okay, so it’s huge.

No one to blame but me.

My brother owes me big time.

I hate being a klutz.

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