Seeking: Quality

The wonderful thing of getting older is that you have so many more choices. You can chose the types of restaurants you want to go to, clothes you want to where, places you want to visit.

However, in the midst of all these choices, we realize that we ourselves have some limits as well.

For example, though we can choose where to eat, our stomaches can only tolerate one big-ass meal. Once you are full, you have to wait till you’re hungry again to go for another.

For the clothes you wear, you only have one body and can only choose one outfit on average a day (unless you’re Paris Hilton).

Hence, we realize that even though there are many choices we enjoy, we only have limited resources to accommodate these choices. And whereas some people try to stretch themselves too thin and try to accommodate as much as they can, I do propose one other solution: Choosing with quality in mind.

Trader wonders for example why I would even spend my money on HKD 10,000 bags that for him is worthless especially since you can buy any other bag for 1% of the price.

My answer to him is simple: With the bags that I purchase and love, I use them over and over again on many different occasions. Hence, I don’t have to buy a lot of bags. I can use a few quality bags for years, and they’re worth the tag price I bought them for.

It’s the same with friends, I guess.

Given the limited time, you have a limit on the number of friends you can accommodate at one time. Even though you want to be friends with everybody and anybody, as time goes by, you realize that there are some whom you value more than others. And these are the people you’d love to spend most of your time with.

At almost two months into our MBA program, cliques had already been formed or at least, had started to form.

There’s the LKF group that parties every ladies night and weekends. They’re usually the rowdiest of the bunch, and the most good-looking. Haha, the wonders of youth. When you have ’em, just flaunt ’em.

We have the Mainlanders who love to play Mafia and Killers in one of the common rooms in our dorm. They usually love hanging out with each other. Very responsible folk and I do like all of them. However, I just hope sometimes that they make more of an effort hanging out with us “foreigners” instead of just saying hi in the distance.

There’s the nerds and the prepared, who spend most of their time in the library (not me) and dorms (me) studying. Where most people are panicking during exam week, usually, it’s easy breezy for the nerds.

And of course, tons of people in between. 🙂

Personally, I have a few favorites in our batch. I admire who they are, and love the way they live their lives.

Let me talk about a classmate of mine, whom I call Sunshine.

I call her Sunshine because she absolutely loves everybody, and looks at life in such a positive light. I think that despite her young age of 25, Sunshine has managed to make many of us smile with her simple optimism and her passionate belief for life’s beautifulness.

Today, I admire her even more because I’ve realized that she’s a woman of her word.

Where there are some people who would join if something was convenient for them, I’ve come to realize that Sunshine is a person who is also as good as her word. Even though that things may be a hassle for her, so long as she said that she’ll do it, she’ll carry it through.

It’s tough to meet people like that nowadays. Yes nowadays don’t mean yes, while nos are purely not nos. People change their minds depending on other people’s opinions and when something is inconvenient, they back out of their responsibilities.

So I am not here to criticize wishy washy people. I think I’ve done it more than enough in the past.

However, I am here in praise of people who stick with their word and follow through. They don’t come very often but when they do, truly, they are to be admired.

Two more exams to go! Wish me luck!

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