Whoa! Must be mad!

Post our finals, we MBA students like to destress.

I did my destressing by doing some retail therapy.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Steve Madden is having a sale, and I purchased these mile-high clogs for HKD399 (Original price: HKD950).

Now, us women are crazy. We would buy something at half price even though it’s darn expensive because we believe that we’re getting a deal on it.

With these Steve Madden shoes, they looked darn cool on me. I looked more like a model just because of the boost it did to my height. What’s more, they looked so bad-ass with a short mini skirt and a regular tanktop. 🙂

Unfortunately, take a look at their height — I was so afraid to stumble and break my ankle. Seriously, one wrong move and craaaaaack! Check out just how tall it is!

So it’s a matter of vain versus health, and this stupid blogger chose to look good despite the dangers of wearing these maddening shoes (though I did try to be more careful not to fall down the steps and speed my death).

That’s the reason why women wear flats. Personally, I feel more like an elephant when wearing flats but they’re very comfy and safe. There’s no way you can break your legs if you fall.

What’s worse, these Maddens were heavy! Just imagine the amount of material that went through these things. In fact, I felt that my legs were getting a workout on my commute home!

Oh well, that’s what happens on impulse buys. Yes, they’re beautiful but oh, don’t they come at a price?

Btw, we start our next second half of fall semester on Monday (sigh, immediately after finals). Our books – our prison:

Have fun this weekend!

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