These are the days…

After meeting up with someone in Central, I sneaked and watched Wall Street 2 at IFC.

It was a tiny pleasure that I could understand everything that the movie said. Ultimately, it was a good finance movie, though reminscent of too 2008 for me.

However, I wanted to say that it was just nice being able to watch a silly movie. 🙂

When was the last time I was able to do that? I think that was when I visited Trader in Singapore almost two months ago. These are the times when I forget that I’m in MBA and I can just relax.

Relax and watch a movie.

That said, Trader is enjoying Oktoberfest in Germany and has not emailed me yet. True to my short-tempered form, I am pissed. Okay, so not really pissed but not really happy.

In addition, Mama’s mail once again arrives, bringing complexities to my oh-so-simple life.

Sigh — back to stats. 🙁

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