No… no… no…!

It’s started.

It’s when relationships start getting complicated, and people who came in with a significant other consider messing around.

I wonder what is it that makes someone consider switching sides?

Is it the close proximity that MBA students have with each other? Is it the loneliness of not having a significant other always around you? Or maybe it’s just the opportunity of someone else whispering to your ear, “I’m better than him. Be with me.”

Sometimes, I wonder if these promises hold ground in the long-term, Maybe it’s just the challenge that makes a guy go after someone who’s already taken. Do we delude ourselves into thinking that such changes still last in the long term, and after we’ve switched, it’s happily ever after?

It’s funny. People try to be subtle about it, but if you look very closely, it’s obvious.

It’s really tough to keep a secret.

However, here’s something to think about, if the opposites are reversed, would you want your significant other to do the same thing to you? Or do you want him/her to be more resilient than you are?

It’s not yet cheating unless you accept a move.

Sometimes, I wonder however how much one person should allow himself/herself the freedom?

Trader would say something that it’s just a bad idea.

I don’t really think it’s a good or bad idea. But hope to goodness, you really know what you’re getting yourself into. And realize that you may be hurting someone else in the process…

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