Seven Points of Clarity

It’s amazing – this clarity in my life.

First, that I love Trader. He is truly one of who balances me out. Though I can honestly go psycho at times, he is still here, and for that, I am very thankful.

Second, that I am glad that I’ve resigned. Work has been a hellhole and yesterday, I was moved to tears when a corporate screamed at me for our equity salespeople’s fuck up. That’s just fucked.

Third, that I am SO looking forward to school. August seems far too long though Trader thinks that time will fly by quickly. My initial plans after I stop working in May end? Well, first there’s Spain and Portugal, then to Singapore with Trader and then a few weeks back home with the parents.

As things will start getting hectic after school starts, it would be terrific to get some rest. Believe it or not, I’ve been working non-stop for the last 6 years. Wow, time just flies.

Fourth, that it’s so easy to sell your soul for money. That’s what happened with a promising sales colleague of mine whom I found out is recently separated with his young wife. He is about 28 and is already separated?! Geez, what type of world do we live in?

The culprit most likely is that money got to his head. He got too successful for his own good so quickly that his ego went from zero to up there. Whereas he used to be this super nice guy when he first started in sales, he’s morphed into Mr. Hyde and now his wife cannot even stand him. I can hear him say “Fuck!!!” repeatedly at work. If I were him, I’d say the same too.

Fifth, that sometimes, you just gotta stop thinking about the money and just do what you want to do. That’s what the MBA is for. People are of course, surprised when they found out I’ve resigned just to go back to school. “Why the hell do you want to do that?” they inquired. “You don’t need it.”

Well, sometimes, it’s these things that other people think we don’t need are those we cannot live without. 16 months will fly by so fast and before you know it, I’m back on the workforce again.

Sixth, I don’t feel like going to work anymore. Guess what time I got to work today?

9 freaking 30.

Yes, it’s that bad.

Seventh, that there are still people I really like to get in touch with. They are all nice people and I don’t want to keep in touch not because they can find me a job after graduation, but rather, because they’re just terrific people. I really do hope they find me terrific too.

It’s weekend now. Hope all is well.

High tea tomorrow. Wooohooo! Hope that all of you are also doing something nice tomorrow.

Big hugs!

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5 thoughts on “Seven Points of Clarity

  1. F* the corporate guy!!! and don’t worry about coming in late for work~ it is how it is, so better as well enjoy your rest in the morning ;).

    … and congrats again on the MBA! you’ve been raving about it for years and now finally it’s about time!!!!! 😀

    1. Hahaha, during my last days, I was arriving at 10am but to hell with it. In a way, they needed to wean it off me. Thanks Jxu as always for your encouragement. Glad you are one of those supporting me and knowing how much I’ve been wanting about an MBA for years!

  2. Hahah, I’ve been getting quips on being late. But then again, am working my arse off as soon as I arrive, so oh well.

    Thanks Jixu as always!

  3. Good for you. It is far too easy to sell your soul. I know; mine was sold or stolen years ago.

    The MBA will do you good. I never regretted my time in school, and what you learn IS useful.

    Finally marriage and family vs career are not mutually exclusive. I’m not going to claim that I’ve done a great job of it, but frankly don’t get too in a dither about any of it now. Focus on school and your relationship. As you very well know from everything you’ve done up until now hard work and dedication in all things tends to bring rewards and growth. You don’t always need to plan where you’re going. If you stay on the road you’ll get somewhere you want to be soon enough!

    vita bona tibi

  4. Hey AIT, thanks a lot for this encouragement. Really hope the decision is right as am sacrificing many things (e.g., salary lost, time wasted in not getting myself promoted in the career ladder) to get it. My mom said am just using the time off to party, but the thing is, I already know what I want, and an MBA is part of it.

    Thanks a lot once again. Hopefully I can do a good job balancing it all. And yes, though we fail at times, the effort to try to balance it all does help mitigate the mistakes we make. Appreciate the comment!

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