It’s 8:47 am and I’m still on the subway on my way to work. Before I have resigned, I would’ve clocked in around an hour’s work by this time.

Obviously I am demotivated, miserable even.

The unfairness of doing three people’s work gets to me and the fact that thy have yet to find a replacement irritates me.

It’s as if you’re screaming that the world is falling on the top of your lungs and yet nobody listens to you.

The great thing about life right now is Trader. He is a high point in my life which by the way makes my mom happy. She’s always been a fan of Trader. “I’m glad that you guys are doing better. Lagi mo kasing inaapi (you’re always bullying him).”

No it’s never really been that. The main issue is when Trader strives to change me from who I am right now to someone more tradiional and whom his mom would love.

He’s stopped that for now so we’re happy happy.

My stop soon. Know I haven’t been updating as much but work drains so much out from me. It’s like slave labor.

Have a great week everyone!


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I'm a forgetful person. But I think a lot. Every day, a lot of thoughts enter my head. That's why this blog came to be: first, to keep my memories alive through the years, and two, to actually see how I and my thoughts have changed. Please note that I seldom draft or edit my posts. Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I offend some of you, my readers. And while I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable, I am not sorry for being honest or for making well-intentioned mistakes. I will however be the first to admit if I change my mind. Hence, do read and proceed with caution. My life is as colorful and as boring as you make it. I complain many days, but offer some encouragement in others. Life is fluid, it changes. So keep the positives and throw away the negatives, and I do hope that at the end of the day, you will enjoy reading the blog and leaving comments here and there if my posts touches you. Happy reading!
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