I’ve resigned… kinda.

So I’ve talked to my line manager, the Head of Asian Sales. I told him about my MBA and that the reason I find such opportunity terrific was because it provides me with the growth I need.

My boss thanks me for my openness and honesty, and wishes me the best of luck. “In the long side of things, 16 months is really not that long, and you can become a better financial practitioner after you graduate.”

Trader sees it differently, “Bee, I think he just told you fuck you and said it in such a nice way.”

I’d have to agree.

After almost four years, my boss didn’t even have the decency to bargain and asking me to stay. “Look babe, he could’ve offered you more money, a transfer, ANYTHING,” Trader said obviously pissed. “And instead, he gave you a decent way to say, ‘Sayonara’ with a kiss. You don’t owe them anything.”

I was planning of resigning and working till June 2010.

At present, I am the only one at my department as my other colleague had moved to another role. I am currently handling 19 roadshows, 6-7 conferences and half a dozen of trips alone. Truth be told, I am doing the work of 3 people.

And yet, it is what it is.

You don’t really go and approach your boss telling him that you would like to do your MBA and then expect him to stay. Like any ultimatum, he can either take it or leave it. I know I am good but am not surprised that he takes the latter.

I could’ve waited a few more years to see whether I am as valuable to the company as I think I am. Fortunately, an MBA that landed onto my lap two weeks ago (thanks for the prayers everyone) showed me where my path lies. If anything, at least I have a nice Plan B — what better way for revenge than to do things even better post-graduation.

Trader is pissed on my behalf.

He thinks that there should be some loyalty in the company. “I may not get paid as much as you,” he said. “But at least, I know that my boss got my back. I know he’ll find a way to keep me and not just let me go that easily.”

I think he’s absolutely right.

But then again, I haven’t really been that vengeful type of woman anyway. At its best, it does change my mind. Instead of finishing off June and 5 other conferences, I have changed my mind and will leave the company on May 31st, with 1.5 months of notice. Not bad at all.

However, I wouldn’t want to slave away for another month. It would be too tiring and the rewards of working for an unappreciative company isn’t really worth it.

So my years at my present company ends on Wednesday.

On April 14 (Wednesday), I will be paying my deposit to my MBA program and will move forward a different path. 🙂

On April 14 (Wednesday), I will also tender my resignation and give notice that my last day would be May 31st. Why? For personal reasons, and even then 1.5 months is good enough time for them to find a replacement.

April 14 (Wednesday) is a great day, and instead of being pissed of not being given a counter-offer despite so many people leaving, I will rejoice, and look forward to a new phase of my life.

Congratulate me my friends. 🙂

My dream of getting my MBA is here. Finally!


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6 Responses to I’ve resigned… kinda.

  1. blackdove says:

    Well, congratulations then!

  2. Bonita says:

    Thanks Blackdove! Been talking about it far too much NOT to do it!

  3. Ellen says:

    hiya – congrats. read your post accidentally on googling as i was considering my HKUST MBA offer. GUess we will be classmate soon. Are you in the HKUST discussion forum? Sign it up there and get booked with great people!

    • Bonita says:

      Thanks Ellen, yes I think I have a very good clue on who you are. Excited that we’ll be classmates soon. And glad you can bring in your experiences into our batch. Looking forward to meeting you come August!

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