I feel empty.

I woke up today at 8:30 am, and got to work at a freaking late 9:30 am (considering the morning meeting starts at 7:30 am).

I didn’t get too irritated or worked up after one of the salesdesk heads make a crazy lazy decision.

My spiny colleague was bearable.

I took a longer time at lunch in order to eat some delicious Pho at Central.

And I didn’t even check my broken blackberry this evening. It’s broken anyway so what the hell.

Is this what people usually feel when they know they’re leaving their job soon? As if there’s really no purpose to working harder or longer because hell, it doesn’t really make a difference.

I am deciding what to do when I leave my job.

Shall I backpack as what Jidi has suggested, spend time with Trader in Singapore, or go back home to the Philippines for my parents? School starts on August 12 so there’s still quite a lot of time from when I quit and then.

Btw, I met up with Jidi tonight. If you may notice, she is one of the regular commentors of this blog you’re reading.

She is terrific, guys.

She is gorgeous, with a level head on her shoulders, and can cook and clean! That’s what I call a great candidate for tai tai, and I mean that in every complimentary sense of the world!

This blog is terrific.

It allows you to meet new friends in addition to sharing your thoughts and feelings. 🙂

I really did have a wonderful time with her having Thai food and fattening cakes!

It was worth it.

Okay, rambling now. Off to bed!

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