Pushback – What the…?!

I’m getting pushback from Trader and my parents because I wanted to quit my job and join the full-time MBA program at HKUST in case I get accepted.

I just want to make it clear so you’re going in with eyes wide open,” Trader said. “You will be making a big mistake by entering the full time program. Enter the part-time instead. Don’t quit your job.”

My mom wrote me an email. Ahem, another one of her long emails:

March 4, 2010

Didn’t email you right away because I got to organize my thought and pray to God for His guidance.

First, let us evaluate WHY PEOPLE TAKE MBA, or why will Bonita should take MBA

1) a degree of MBA gives you higher salary – This is not applicable to you. You know why.

2) a degree of MBA can give you better chance to get a good job – this is not applicable to you also because you have a very good position in your firm and are HAPPY, CONTENTED with your work, You are being welcome by your colleague and boseese, you are satisfied with your achievement and recognition.

3) a degree of MBA can make you in a higher social situation – not applicable to you
because you are very well placed right now in a social situation

4) a degree of MBA means you have learn more in taking MBA – learning in school as in mom previous emails are just process to SHARPEN YOUR REACTION to any problems.  the lesson itself MIGHT NOT be applicable to your job but in the process of schooling, it makes you in a better situation to tackle problems

like in movies, do you know why bida never die?  because they are well experienced and they can react quickly to any stimulus. They are being sharpened already.

5) a degree of MBA is what everybody aiming for – not applicable again. 
because mom experience tells me all the first honor students in school are more likely least may hanap buhay in real life.

6) taking MBA will let you meet more MBA aspirants – not applicable for Bonita
because people you have met are far more than the people you will meet in school

NOW, Why mom is suggesting Bonita should take the saturdays 9 to 5 part-time MBA classes instead of full time MBA class?

1)  full time MBA classes are most likely attended by the students who finished bachelor and after a few years of experienced.

2)  well position people will NEVER go back to take full time MBA classes, if for whatever reason they take MBA, these people who are well placed already in their career, tWILL TAKE THE SATURDAYS classes because they can not afford to give up their work right now.

You belong to this category of people.

3)  imagine if you go full time MBA, that means you go school from morning till night.  I think with what you are now, you wont enjoy limiting yourself to the classes lectures EVERYDAY of the week.

You have already passed this stage of your life.  NOW  you have already moved on to a decent position in a very prestigeous firm,  for you to go back to full time study, maybe it is just your obsession and when you really confimed yourself to full time classroom study, you will regret it and it will be a waste of your time.

4)  try to imagine yourself going to school every day of the week.  full time study.  what you learn in school are academic and not necessarily be applicable to your job.  Okay MBA but on specialized coursed also and NOT full time

5)  Maybe you should quiet down yourself, be honest to yourself, be open to yourself and see if YOU REALLY FIT INTO A FULL TIME MBA course which after all you dont need the lectures in school.

mom is definitely what you will learn in full time MBA is NOT WHAT YOU NEED TO go higher up.

momm is definitely sure that if you take the Saturdays MBA, you will be meeting people WHO ARE OF YOUR SAME LEVEL in real life and career. Here the lectures will be more of practical aspects.  your classmates will not be totoys but sikat na people each in their own career.

6)  Bonita, not many people have your asset and capability to make something possible. 

Opportunities are just waiting for you.

Don’t be too stabborn that you have to take MBA.

Also remember, we only live once.  We only pass this stage of life ONLY ONCE.  if you missed the chance, time can never be rewind.

Like AUntie XXXX, she was head of the (organization name here) but she give up after one year of enough experience and be a good mother to her children.

Mom can only give you what i thought.  if you still insist of going full time MBA, MOM will always be behind you too.

BUT Bonita, take my words, you wont enjoy going BACK TO SCHOOL full time.  The saturdays are just perfect for you.  First mom thought you said part time is going to school every NIGHT, this is different, the people going to every night classes are those people who cant affort to give up their job

while those attending saturdays are different, these are good caliber people who are having good jobs and who want to go for this MBA for more informations or for connections that they might meet in the saturdays classes.

Well, for now, mom have given you enough pointers.  MAKE YOUR CHOICE and please dont disregards TRADERS opinion.  dont be too stubborn, listen to Trader also. 

Oh shit.

What’s the pushback all about? More soon…

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