Yes, I get it.

I now understand why people don’t try.

Going through with something is like riding a reverse bungee jump and at that moment before the machine releases you up in the air, the feeling of trepidation is enough to give you a heart attack.

I’m going to die! I’m going to die!” is what we’ll ususually think up to the point before the machine releases up.

We hold back our screams as the machine does finally let us go, and as we’re up in the air, we’re in a panic state of euphoria. The best thing we can do is to hold our breath and bite our tongues.

After the ride is over, we breathe a sigh of believe and say, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad…”

Trying is the same way.

It’s fucking scary.

Trying is so scary especially if you actually push through it.

For example, what about the moment you asked your now girlfriend to be exclusive, and your now wife to be yours forever?

How about applying for business school and taking the damn GMAT test (which btw I did today)?

Or the day before our humongous presentation which is do or die in getting your thesis grade?

These moments are fucking fucking scary.

It was scary when I took the GMAT test today, disappointing when my scores that my high expectations and a relief because finally, we’re freaking done.

At least it’s over.

Now we proceed to essays where I have to make seven stellar essays to make up for my lower GMAT score (damnit!).

And I have around 2 weeks to do it if I were to finish by the deadline.

Pray for me and wish me luck.

Sometimes, it’s just better to jump in the pool.

Lundagin mo babe!

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