Ah no – not me!

If this is my future, then it’ll be sad, sad, sad. 🙁

If all goes well, I’d be visiting Trader in Singapore, and then travel to Eastern Europe next month.  After that Vietnam in May… yipee!

If all goes well, I’d be applying for my MBA degree mid-March.

If all goes well, I’d be married sometime in the far off future after we’re more financially stable. Hopefully we are to live overseas and maybe no kids. Then again, I don’t think that’s really my choice.

There’s so many more I’d like to accomplish than just getting married, having kids then die.

So so so much more.

As to how to reconciliate it with a life with Trader, sigh.

I love the man though so love changes people.

But definitely, more traveling up in the cards soon!

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