Grass is Always Greener

Given that Trader and I are still on our 20s, that automatically translates that him and I cannot really enjoy quiet meals at high-class, ridiculously expensive restaurants with an overpriced bottle of wine.

If I were to fly over to Singapore as well, he’d probably help sponsor half of my airline ticket instead of paying for my entire trip as what Ex #2 did when he paid for everything when we flew to Hong Kong for a romantic holiday when we were still together.

My colleague is dating someone very senior at an investment banking firm. Given this, there’s really no limits to the luxuries they can afford when they go out. The house that they now share is huge that it’s three freaking floors and is big enough for a golden retriever to run around with. Oh, and they also have a full-time maid to cook their meals, do their laundry, and take care of the dog.

Trader’s apartment in Singapore is bigger than mine of course, but cannot really compare to my colleague’s boyfriend. His room is rented and sparsely decorated and his comforter is in dire need of a replacement because it’s so thin and cheap. For a person with very simple needs, Trader doesn’t really require the best things to be happy.

There are many reasons why another guy would be better than Trader. Whereas Trader would give everything that he has, at his age, what he has isn’t a lot and of course, to a person who’s dated someone who had a lot, the differences couldn’t be starker. And it’s just so easy to be discontent and wish that you were actually with someone  rich enough to be able to offer the woman with certain useless comforts.

Then again, where are these rich guys in a tall white horse? Didn’t they also break my heart those times? Whereas they did open their purses, they never did really open their hearts…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy with Trader and I just can’t wait given that he’s soon to arrive in Hong Kong for the weekend. It would be nice to see him again after three long weeks. 🙂

I’m just reminded that if we let it, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Instead of counting what Trader doesn’t have, it would be better for us if I count what he does have. And if I really think about it, he’s quite generous in what he has, and many of what he gives cannot really be quantified by money but is equally nice.

For example, he comes to visit whenever we can. Flying to Hong Kong every three weeks is really no banana in terms of money. Sure, fares may be cheaper than before, but if you come with greater frequency, you still will feel that pinch in your pants.

When he comes, he also devotes his full love and attention to me. And that’s really really nice. He always says that he’s here to spoil me and pamper me he does. 🙂

He also likes to give me time when he can. When he has a free moment, he calls me and tries to reconnect despite the distance. It’s nice to hear from him at random times of the day.

True, my colleague is dating someone filthy rich and it’s really nice to have those many perks that one can afford if your salary is 6 digits (HKD). Then again, when it comes to love, time and attention, I don’t think that Trader’s lacking in that department.

She tells me, “Sure, he may shower me with lots of luxurious items, but for once, I just want to hang out with him and do nothing.”

“But why not do just that?” I asked. How hard is it to just wear a loose t-shirt and shorts and just do nothing?

Oh, he’s too busy. So we really have to schedule dates together because he doesn’t really have time to spare,” she answered. “So yes, the grass is always greener on the other side.”

So there’s always two sides on every coin. And luckily, I’m happy with my side of the coin.

Enjoy your weekend!

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