Off Days

Trader’s covering for his two colleagues who are on leave right now and doesn’t pay too much attention to me during the daytime. Unfortunately, a friend of mine stayed with me for two evenings thus ensuring that I’m usually busy when the sun comes down. Whereas we’d usually spend an hour or so chatting on the phone before we go to bed, everything seems very rushed and we don’t seem to have our daily doses of each other.

As a result, something feels off.

I don’t feel as connected to him over the last two days and had communicated this to him. Not that any of these are our fault, but it sure does suck when you don’t feel as connected to your significant other. We strive to keep in better contact with each other.

Overall, I’m still quite happy with what we have. Looking at all other couples in our midst, I count myself fortunate that I’m with him — how many women can ever say that they’re with a guy who’s madly in love with them?

The feeling is amazing and it’s great that you’re with someone who has your back and is right there beside you no matter how high-maintenance you may seem to be. Seriously, I’ve pumped up Trader so much that everyone likes him. They all think he’s a decent guy.

Even my guy friend agrees. Last Sunday during lunch he told me, “If you and Trader ever do break up, no worries. I know a really decent nice girl who I can also introduce him to.”

Eeeeh? And this is from MY friend.

My loud friend agrees. He says I’m Trader’s greatest PR officer and every time I’m with them, I have nothing but the best words for him. Consequently, everybody thinks he’s a saint to stick it out with someone as difficult as me. Hence, it’s my entire fault for turning everyone against me in case something goes wrong.

I’m rambling but figured to post something anyway. Let me revisit when I have something better to say. Have a great week ahead!

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