Short Talk: Eye Problem

I scratched my eyes too roughly this weekend that a blood vessel popped, resulting to a half-bloody right eye. Trust me, I looked like Frankenstein’s evil queen. πŸ™

Given its relative seriousness (it doesn’t hurt or isn’t really itchy, but admittedly, I do look terrible), my colleagues told me to go and see an opthalmologist. Imagine my surprise when the only appointment I can get with an eye doctor in Hong Kong is THIS THURSDAY afternoon! The next time available is next Tuesday!

What if my eye condition was in fact more serious than it seemed? Does it mean that I risk going blind because an eye specialist is unavailable?

Aaaargh, and they charge you a whooping HKD680 to 850 a visit! Medical insurance sucks so they can probably just cover around HKD400 of it. Still freaking expensive!

Anyway, am pissed. No longer are investment bankers the most lucrative career in Hong Kong. Maybe it’s even better to be a specialist instead! πŸ™

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2 thoughts on “Short Talk: Eye Problem

  1. Maybe your eye can be checked quicker if you just went home hehe…

    I wear contacts and eye glasses and often than not, I go to the eye doctor at least once a year. Lucky here in Manila, you can get an appointment anytime and you can even chose your doctor πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always thought that the “most lucrative career” was…being a plumber.

    Btw, I just Love ur blog!!!!

    Ciao fm Milan

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