When I’m happy in love…

…my best entries don’t come out. All I have are sappy “I’m-so-happy-and-he’s-so-wonderful” type of posts and I know that my readership goes way down. Haha, down from a peak of around 800 readers at my emo peak, to a measely 100 in a day. Bah.

Nobody even comments anymore. 🙁

Oh well, that’s all fine and cheery for me. Since my parents just left from their vacation, let me share with you a bit of clips I find to be hilarious, if not self-condemning.

Dad: “Bonita, you shouldn’t be too suplada (click for translation). No guy would ever want to marry you.

Bonita: “Haaa? Am not suplada naman e!” (Here’s me insisting that I am NOT really that suplada).

Dad: “You have to be a lot more tender-hearted like your mom. To find a guy, you should be like your mom — selfless, considerate… she’s the only one who can tame me.”Bonita: “Haha, too late. Am too much like you, dad. The right thinking I should find someone who loves me very much and can be like mom!”

Dad (shocked): “Oh my god. I shall pray that you can find someone – anyone – willing to date you. I think when you get married, you’ll easily get divorced. There’s not a lot of guys out there. Actually, there’s no decent guys out there. A lot of guys are ‘hua xin’ (have playful hearts).

Bonita: “Well, some guys aren’t as hua xin. Like dad isn’t really hua xin right?”

Dad: “Aiya. I used to be hua xin when I was younger. But your mom tamed me because she treats me so well. You should be like your mom.”

Dad: “Sandra (my mom’s name), what about that guy who used to be the head of (name of famous Australian Investment Bank) in the Philippines? Maybe he and Bonita…

Mom tries her best to look shocked (who knows am already dating Trader… we’re starting to ease my more strict and conservative dad into the picture): “But he’s 46! That’s almost 20 years older than Bonita!”

Dad: “He’s still single le. Maybe he can tame our headstrong daughter.”

Mom: “Well, I think she should start to think of settling down and find a family. But I prefer someone younger.”

Dad: “Well, think of the grandkids…”

Bonita: “But dad, I don’t want to have kids.”

Dad is shocked and is quiet for a bit.

Dad: “Who doesn’t want to have kids? Everyone wants to have kids. I had 10 kids. Kids are good. You have to carry our good genes to the next generation.”

Mom chiming in: “That’s so weird — who doesn’t want to have kids. Don’t make bad jokes like that.”

Bonita: “Who says I was joking? I’m serious about not having kids.”

Dad and Mom together looks like  (-___-).

Dad: “Well then, nobody will want to marry you now. Why marry if not because of the children.”

Mom whispers in secret: “Don’t tell Trader that you don’t want kids. You shouldn’t push a guy too much.”

Bonita whispers back: “Oh he already knows. He’s not very happy with the idea, but he’s getting used to it.”

Mom scolds me: “You shouldn’t push a guy too much. If you find a really good guy, you shouldn’t let him go.”

Dad: “Aiyaaa… well, nobody’s going to marry her now. Obstinate and doesn’t want kids.”

Bonita jokingly said: “At least, dad can support me for the rest of my life then.” (big smile)

Dad:  -____-

Hahahaha, love my parents! Even though they don’t have the confidence that I have enough charm to get a guy! Aiyaaaa!!! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! 😀


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2 Responses to When I’m happy in love…

  1. Dragonstalker says:

    Trust me, the reason I generally despise blogs is that around here, almost all blogs are just places where people post their problems to random people instead of psychologists, and not in an interesting way either. It’s just whining.

    So in comparison, I’m more than glad to have you posting about happy/wonderful stuff, and they’re still interesting. Those ARE the best entries 🙂

  2. Bonita says:

    Thanks DS, am glad that you’re still here regardless on whether the news is bad/good!

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