Hectic busy

Have been swamped with work, and boyfriend takes up most of my evenings.

Given that it’s a long-distance relationship, we spend hours on the phone to keep connected. It’s tough, we miss each other like crazy but that’s what you get with the distance. You cannot really see each other and listening to each other’s voices are just the only way we can feel closer to each other.

Work hasn’t helped either. Over the last month, had done my fair share of overtime and sleepless nights. Working till midnight from 7:30am doesn’t really do anything to alleviate my growing eyebags. To make it worse, have contracted some stress-induced allergies (really bad) which drive me absolutely crazy!

Trader is very sweet though. He’s particularly expressive on how much he cares about me that it makes my other girlfriends swoon with jealousy and my guyfriends look in disdain on how fast our relationship had progressed. We’ve celebrated our first month anniversary recently so it’s quite amazing to see how time flew.

Wait, don’t get married before the end of the year,” my guy friends will joke. They don’t think he can wait.

Whoa, nobody’s getting married anytime soon,” I countered. “That’s why we’re dating. It’s a wonderful round of discovery.”

Anyway, am flying to see him tomorrow. Just can’t wait. Just want to give you an update on how I am and hope you have the patience to wait for better posts when it happens.

Let’s see when inspiration strikes me. Gotta pack. Talk soon!

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2 thoughts on “Hectic busy

  1. 😀

    Have fun!!

    .. and write whenever you feel like it~ don’t feel obligated :)…

    *although it’s nice to hear from you, but it has to stay fun right :D*

    Have a goooooood weekend :D!!!

  2. I vastly prefer it to hear that you’re happy and don’t have time to write anything rather than having a queue of troubles that need to be posted about 🙂 Cheers!

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