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In Chinese, there’s a saying, “Nansheng bu huai, nu sheng bu ai.” (A girl can only love a bad boy). The fact that such saying exists shows that there’s some truth to it.

As you can well see on past entries, I’ve been consistently happy these days. Reason for this is Trader, who’s been nothing but terrific. Despite the distance and the fact that we’re already together (most guys start getting lazier after “getting” the girl), he has yet to stop wooing me.

Mornings bring a warm SMS telling me just how much he appreciates being with me, followed by reminders throughout the day echoing the same message. Evenings bring a sweet phone call asking about my day and obviously anything that’s cheesy under the sun.

My friends can see just how happy I am. His friends remark that he just can’t contain his happiness. “With (his ex), you were reserved happy. But with Bonita, it just shows off,” they comment.

Blame it on the honeymoon period, but our relationship has been pretty smooth these days. I was just in Singapore last weekend to visit him, and he was quite excited to show me just how boring his life was.

In weekends, we usually just catch a movie then have a simple dinner,” he said. “Quite mundane really, but it’s great that you can share it.” His life indeed is quite simple. Whereas I’d spend a hefty HKD16 for a stupid muffin outside my office, his meals cost him a mere HKD20 for a complete meal, soup and a drink! He saves up by eating reasonably priced hawker meal, while splurges on long-distance phone calls to Hong Kong. Crazy, really if you ask me.

When I was in Singapore, he kept on hashing just how simple he is, and yet, how pleasant it is. I think what he’s really telling me is, “This is my life. Simple. Mundane. Boring. But I hope that you’ll be okay with it and share it with me.”

My life in Hong Kong is chockfull of activities, be it from hiking and eating seafood in Cheng Chau, a BBQ beach party at Discovery Bay, a junk party at Lamma or pink dolphin watching. Whereas his friends are mostly Filipino-Chinese, a dinner I attended yesterday attracted people from Pakistan, Iran, England, Canada, Mauritius, India, Germany, Philippines and Hong Kong.

However, I think that the diversity of my friends and activities merely stem on circumstance and location instead of any conscious choice.

The Philippine circles in Singapore are much more compact and close-knit. They tend to hang around together more often, while those in Hong Kong are still quite fragmented. “Most of the Filipinos here merely arrived 2-3 years before,” a friend of mine explained last weekend. “In Hong Kong, they’ve already been there for quite a while so they’re not as keen to socialize with new people. They’re a lot more cliquish.”

No matter, whatever happens, being with Trader had still been quite pleasant. Meeting his friends over the weekend was also quite an experience, and looking at his choice of pals, he’s in good hands.

His ex didn’t really like him to hang around with us,” his best guy friend in Singapore said to me last Saturday. “Of course, because of that, Trader would hang out with us less and less, and obviously, he was miserable. But that’s just a lesson he’d need to learn on his own. We couldn’t really say anything while he was in the midst of it.”

I’m really not that possessive or demanding. If anything, I’ve been very encouraging for him to widen his circle and to spend more time with friends. I don’t think pining at home and feeling sorry for yourself because your girlfriend is in Hong Kong are productive activities.

What’s weird though is that I ask him about his ex-girlfriends. Yes, yes… I know it’s weird. Not because am jealous per se as that’s just absurd, but more so out of curiosity. Anyway, my curiosity’s sated so best to just be moving on with that.

Anyway, nothing much I can say except things are going smoothly for me right now. Work has been hell the last couple of weeks but given that hectic season is over, I can now spend more time in looking into MBA.

Given that I’ve been doing nothing but rave about Trader, would it be more helpful if you ask me some questions that I can answer? So far, in terms of love, my message sounds like a broken record — to find happiness, just choose wisely and you’ll go fine.

Okie, beginning of the week so wohoo! Hope everybody has a great week ahead and on with the questions if you have any!

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