Happy New Year!

What better way to spend the New Year than with strangers (no longer though) in one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong?

Fed up with passively feeling somber about my loneliness in this hectic city, I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands and joined a group for “lunch” at Victoria’s Peak. Benefits are two-fold: despite being in Hong Kong for the past three weeks, I’ve never been to The Peak yet, and secondly, I was sick and tired of being alone and wanted to make friends.

Introductions haven’t really worked, while my super-duper nice colleagues are still enjoying their 2-week vacations and have yet to get back and take me out. Enough is enough.

2009 is the new year and shoot me if I spend the first day of the year alone!

And though it was scary at first (hey, I can be real shy too!), it was totally worth it. Check this photo out: 


The view from Hong Kong’s tallest area was ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR. 😀


Imagine staring at such a sight for almost an hour. Sure, it was freaking freezing cold and my toes almost fell off, but seriously, it was the most perfect way to welcome the first day of the year. Here you were at one of the most date-worthy places in Hong Kong. There’s no pollution to bar the view and the lights are so orgasmically beautiful. We stayed till after 8am where we even viewed the Symphony of Lights with a different perspective!

However, the best part was the company. 🙂

Because I was courageous enough to step out from my comfort zones, I was able to meet some of the coolest people in Hong Kong. Sure, I was a day too late (otherwise, would’ve been able to have spent a fun New Year’s eve with them as well), but better late than never!

I had some of the more interesting conversations since coming here.

There was that innovative entrepreneur who put his money where his mouth it and created an invention that everybody thought about (even me) but never followed through.

There was that professional cold caller who wished for a more laissez-faire lifestyle and was thinking of moving back to Africa after her year’s stint in Hong Kong. Now, that’s a bit different — who would want to turn her back from a hectic corporate lifestyle to pursue a more laidback travel-everywhere lifestyle. Wait, that’s almost everyone. Whoops.

There’s the three women who were here in Hong Kong for a short vacation. They’re all teaching kids in Japan. Whoppee! All cool, they are a barrel of laughs.

There was an intriguing man from a competing bank who didn’t smoke, didn’t play around but a self-confessed social drinker. “Not an alcoholic though,” he defended himself. I relentlessly teased him of being a party animal since most of the peeps I know who work on the same firm have confessed a work-hard, play-harder mentality.

A colleague I didn’t know I have, from the fixed income section. He was a man of many talents, and I didn’t know that you can play Linkin Park’s Numb from a guitar and sound great.

And a whole lot more!

So there is my lesson — to never just let life pass you by. Sometimes, it’s equally wonderful to grab the bull by both horns and just do it. Sure, it may be a mite uncomfortable (even for an extrovert like me), but rewards only wait the courageous.

I’ll post my annual post soon, but it’s late and I’m tired. That would just have to wait.

Happy new year everyone! Wishing you all the luck and success in 2009!!! 🙂

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