On my way to Sri Lanka

I am at the Changi Airport in Singapore as a stopover to Sri Lanka. Earlier this afternoon, had stopped over in the spanking new Hong Kong airport. Oh, I feel exhausted after having travelled to countries at the same time.

The ironic thing is, wasn’t even aware of my Singapore stopover until we landed in Hong Kong. I had thought it was straight to Sri Lanka afterwards. Some little comfort especially how much my boyfriend had wanted to see me here where he is based. With only 1.5 hours on transit, I don’t really have the heart to tell him that we’re in the same country for the first time in a few weeks. It would’ve been a moot point considering that we had too limited time to see each other anyway if we knew in advance.

The airplane rides were a bit uncomfortable. Damn economy seats!

At worse, my seatmate to Hong Kong was a smoker.

It wasn’t as if he was smoking all the way throughout the 1.5 hour flight. However, smokers unfortunately bring their scent with them — That musky old smell that clings on your clothes as if you haven’t watched it for months. It never goes away until the third washing I think, and it seemed that my seatmate didn’t washed his for weeks (an exaggeration).

Have you ever kissed a smoker before? It feels like kissing an ashtray.

My Japanese ex-boyfriend said that he liked kissing me because our kisses were strawberry flavored. I would’ve gone for mint but he was so turned off from kissing smokers (not that he did it often) that he would only date a girl who didn’t smoke.

You know, come to think of it, my ex-boyfriends only dated non-smokers. 🙂

And I liked their fresh smells too. My last boyfriend smelled like Dove soap while my current one smelled like Loccitaine shampoo. Go figure.

Anyway, I am in Singapore — as close as I can be to him, but so far away. In less than an hour, I would be en route to Sri Lanka where I’d be spending 8 days. Don’t worry, will try as much as I can to keep you updated on my boring random thoughts on the air and on the ground.

Honestly, I’m totally psyched.

My boyfriend was kinda hurt that I didn’t choose to spend my vacation in Singapore. Then again, with only 5 days of vacation leave and him not being able to take off at work, it wasn’t a super ideal situation. Besides, I loved the idea of going to Sri Lanka. It’s one of the countries on my checklist that I absolutely HAD to visit.

Why did you want to visit Sri Lanka?” my seatmate to Singapore asked. “It’s a place where only those who want to go, go. While those who don’t want to will never go.”

“I had 5 days of annual leave to spare and wanted a place I wanted to go to,” I simply explained. “Guess that Sri Lanka is THAT place I wanted to see.  Other people wanted Japan or Korea, but I liked the idea of going to Colombo and Kandy.”

The only bad part about this trip is many people around me are smokers. That sucks because you’re usually sitting beside people with that musky smell. At worse, people here STARE. Just while going to the free wireless surfing portal, I was photographed (yes photographed!) by this guy on his camera phone! A bit presumptous I hope he wouldn’t jack off these stolen photos in private.

And if you think am exaggerating, am not. While my trip to India, I was given two marriage proposals by two random men! There’s just something that attracts me to Indian men I suppose.

Anyway, my plane will be boarding soon. Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up on what’s happening and my 15 mins of free Internet access is almost up.

Have a great week and wish me all the best in Sri Lanka! 🙂

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  1. I hope you’ll have some major fun while there (and in advance, I have to say that reports of your travels are very enchanting and always fun to read!)!

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