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Okay, I succuumbed.

I’m a sucker for deals and after getting the second letter from Chunghwa Telecom that I’m one of their platinum subscribers (guess all those NT$1,000++ bills paid off) and deserve a fresh mobile phone at a NT$1,500 discount, I finally gave in and bought this beauty:

Sigh, so I’ve been on a spending spree lately: first with the iPod Shuffle and now the new 3G-Samsung Anycall L768.

Of course, part of it was to keep up with the Jones’ or in Taiwan’s case, the Chen’s. I used a sturdy Nokia 3210 that has been dropped several times I can’t believe that it’s still alive, and got for a cheap USD 80 in the US. However, despite its reliability, I can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed whenever I go out with senior managers/clients. Everybody takes out their top-class phones or Blackberries, and I have a cheapo (sorry!) phone compared to everyone else.

So yes, Raven has a shallow side!

Besides, I think I deserve the upgrade. The Samsung L768 has a 2-MP camera, 3G capabilities, has 900/1800/1900 capability and is 92.8 grams heavy. However, I think the best part of the phone is its mirror-like classy screen. Moreover, despite its elegant style and above-average functionality, I only paid a measly NT$2,000 extra for it — not bad for a phone that costs 3x that much.

Sure, a part of me thinks I should’ve taken the easy-t0-use Nokia 6210 instead. They were of the same price anyway. But more so, I was thinking, “Well, what the heck… give the Samsung a try instead.”

So after a few trips to the Chunghwa Telecom office, I finally bought it. 🙂

Mind you, it wasn’t a snap decision. I’ve been thinking about changing my phone and going back and forth the office for at least three times before finally making the purchase. I guess, my policy is, if I like something, I shouldn’t buy it immediately. However, if I’m still continuing to think about it, then heck, why not.

So yes, I succumbed and I understand if some are upset by the change of heart. But who cares? Considering that June will be an extremely busy month for me and I’ll be working my ass off in the next coming weeks, I think I deserve this small gift. As my mom says, what is money if you don’t get to spend it! Sure, it’s okay to save, but at the same time, make sure you also get to enjoy what you earn.

Wise words, mom!


Meanwhile, I had nice dinner today with my heartbroken guy friend. Sure, I was supposed to go to the ORIENTED Happy Hour in DP Bar, but after hearing his sour story on trying to get a local girl to date him, I’ve decided to change my plans in the last minute and be there for him.

Guys are funny — two months ago, this guy was arrogantly saying that there’s this local girl who likes him a lot. Of course, being the rational person that he is, he thinks that they’re incompatible long term and he’d just go out with her just because he’s bored.

Well, he’s eating his words now because fast forward to today, that same guy is miserable.

Ten days ago, another guy he introduced to this woman started chasing this local girl, and now, he’s really jealous. Yesterday, he told her how he felt and unsurprisingly, as the woman is now full of guy attention, she told him she’ll think about it.

And he’s been miserable ever since.

March is such a bad month for love,” he mourned. True that, but still, don’t you think that it’s a tad pathetic when a guy takes a girl’s attention for granted, only after to chase it once the girl starts running away?

Why can’t just guys appreciate you when you like them? Why does it have to be wrong timing most of the time? Aiyo…


In another unrelated subject, my best guy friend Top Climber called me today. It was weird.

Hey Raven, can I ask you a weird favor,” he started.

Sure, of course!”

“Next time, can we both be mindful on being affectionate with each other?” he continued. “My girlfriend unfortunately think that we’re way too affectionate in Taiwanese standard and it bothers her.”

“Well, we’ve always been like this since before,” I said. “However, if it makes her jealous, I do understand and will try not to do so in the future.”

Sigh, I get into trouble once again. My friend said that that’s the problem — I get too affectionate. “When you touch guys, you send a signal you’re interested,” he warns.

However, I blame my touchy-feeliness with my being Filipinos. As a race, the Filipinos are very affectionate people. At home, I love giving my parents hugs and kisses and miss the time when I give my brother a side hug. Unfortunately, most Chinese are a bit stiff and don’t really express too much their emotions via actions. For them, if they do things for you, they care. But you don’t really need to hug or kiss people to show you care.

Personally think the girlfriend’s just jealous and she shouldn’t be. Because if something should’ve happened, it would’ve occured a long time ago.

You should be flattered,” my friend said. “Only if a girl sees you as competition does she get jealous of you. Otherwise, she won’t care.”

Uhuh. Whatever.

Regardless, I respect my best friend and his girlfriend. If it’s creating some trouble, why stoke the fire? I’ll just keep my hands to myself for now. And just give myself a hug when I feel depressed.

Seems that the only person willing to give me a hug is me. 🙁

So there ends my interesting Thursday. Tomorrow’s Friday, yay! TGIF! Almost one day to go till the weekend. Hope everybody’s doing well!

Night night!

POSTSCRIPT: Can’t open the batterycover of my Anycall phone, damnit! Gotta replace it with a new unit. This is NOT a good beginning… 🙁

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