Wet Season

Is it just me or is March just an auspicious month for attracting men?!

After months and months of dating dry season, all of a sudden, I’ve been showered with attention from a handful of guys. The weird thing is, they all share some things in common!

Must be my imagination but most of them have names that start with either “B” or “C,” and/or are typically Virgos! It all started from end of January with a Charles I met at a wedding party, another “C” from a house party, and so on and do so forth…

Strange, huh?

Anyway, now it boils down to a few good contenders. They’re right — when it rains, it REALLY pours!

Take yesterday for example, after months of ignoring me (okay, fine — not keeping in contact), my Crush-of-2007 (or C02007 for short) again touched base.

Busy?” he asked.

Busy, but not dying,” I replied.

Hey, are you free for dinner tonight?” he then asked. “Will leave tomorrow…”

OMG, after months and months of waiting for him to ask me out, he’s finally done it! I was pretty psyched! But all I could say was:

Really really sorry, but I’ve already made plans I can’t cancel…”

Sigh, I wasn’t playing any games.

Sheesh, honestly didn’t know that he’d be free for dinner that evening! How the heck was I supposed to know?

What’s more, am not the type to wait in the phone for a guy to call just in case he does. 🙁

What happened was that this girlie already made plans with someone who had the decency to ask a few days beforehand! As I’ve written before at Raven’s Dating Tips, your chances of getting a girl out is to not ask them out at the very last minute. Chances are, if you’re asking on the same day, she’s already made plans and can’t go out with you!

So this is what unfortunately happened with Co2007.

Somebody had the decency to ask earlier, and fair’s fair. I can’t cancel just because the guy I liked asked me out at the last minute, yes? That just encourages bad behavior and you have no one to blame if he asks you out at the very last minute over and over…

However, I let him know that I would very much like to go out with him but since I already have plans, I can’t really see him that evening. However, next time there’s an opportunity, would be more than happy to go and accompany him to dinner.

And yes, I meant every word. 🙂

He was a bit surprised. “It’s Monday night and you already have plans! Waah, what a social butterfly,” he said.

I say break your date.”

Wow, persistent le… what’s it about guys that make them insist to want what they can’t have? It would’ve been so easy for me to have moved my schedule around… if only he asked earlier!

I was severely tempted.

I really was.

But that would’ve been unfair to my friend who did ask me days beforehand and had the responsibility to reconfirm our date that day.

So I expressed my regrets and said that I couldn’t. I also kept “next time” clearly open. Good things do come to those who wait so am sure if it’s meant to be, it’s going to happen… Finally, he did concede defeat, laughingly saying that you can’t blame him for being so persistent.

Nope, don’t blame him at all.

But hopefully, he’ll know better than to ask earlier next time. Like I said, it’s not about playing games. Rather, it’s about respecting another’s time and not just wait in the last minute.

So what did I exchange a dinner date with Co2007 with?

Delicious strawberry touhua (tofu)!

Looks yummy huh? As you can say, those are luscious chopped strawberries atop soft tofu and splattered with milk and tapioca balls. A great deal at only NT$70 a bowl!

SimpleGuy took me there last night, and we had a grand time!

We first had a nice dinner at a nearby Japanese dive, and then proceeded to catch the strawberry dohua near Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall before proceeding to walk around and just talk.

It was a very low-key date (gasp!) and it was an enjoyable experience. I had fun learning a bit more about SimpleGuy. Some key take-aways to share:

1) He’s different from most people I know, and takes pride in being different. Maybe it’s the Aquariusness in him, but he savors being his own person.

2) He was gallant enough to pay for the dinner, though I did insist to pay for the touhua. So yeah, at least one brownie point for not insisting that I pay for dates. Really hate that.

3) He was enjoyable company. After we got kicked out of the dohua place, we then walked around the freezing Taipei cold and just talking. Hmmm… usually, guys don’t freeze with me unless they’re interested, right? So there may be some potential there. 🙂

And yes, he did followup with a “Had a great time” SMS message after he got home. A good sign, I believe.

So yes, the evening wasn’t a loss for that matter.

Rather, it’s about allocating time to those who asked earlier. And since SimpleGuy did, why would I have the audacity to cancel just because C02007 asked?

So I don’t know where I’ll end up…

For some reason, my romantic prospects are quite rosy these days, and I have a feeling it’s going to get even better come April.

Just hope that I can take my sweet time and actually get to know these guys better in order to make a good decision. More often than not, I speed into a relationship fast without getting to know them that well, and that’s just a recipe for disaster.

Hence, it would be great if we can take it slow. And so far, so good. 🙂

At present, I do know that I enjoy being with SimpleGuy and have no qualms in going out with him again. Whether or not he turns into a psycho is another story, but he was a complete gentleman last night and didn’t even suggest that I go back to his room, or vice versa, which is more than I can say for some of the guys I’ve met last year…

So yes, we’ll see how it goes. Crossing our fingers lo!

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