You know what?

I can never truly tell when a guy is interested in me. “How can you be sure?” I’ve asked more than a gazillion times to my unfortunate best guy friend.

Well, usually, they’ll be very nice to you,” he’ll say.

Unfortunately, those who know me also know that guys are usually very nice to me. I’ve never really had a problem starting a conversation with a guy, and most are pretty friendly. Just comes with my job description of being an event organizer.

But when it comes to that special guy who’s truly interested?

Blech, usually have no clue whether they are.

Guys are of no help either.

One of my observations on men I meet in Taiwan is that most of them are merely testing the waters. They try to see if they can get you out on a date… some try to see if they can get some. But none want to be too obvious in fear that you’ll laugh at their faces and stomp their hearts into itsy-bitsey pieces.

Anyway, point being, my radar’s almost always off when it comes to knowing whether guys are interested in me. I usually can’t tell till they try to kiss me, and then I go, “OOoooooh, so he’s interested. I finally get it,” as if a lightbulb flashes up my head.

But not, it seems with SimpleGuy.

Recently, despite some earlier reservations, I have a slight feeling that he is interested.


Well, for the past week, he’s asked me out for strawberry tofu on Monday, then we went climbing this Thursday and he walked me home…

He also managed to put away his reservations to attend an event which is important to me, despite not really being interested in that event last Friday…

He had asked me out again for this Saturday afternoon, and we had a nice relaxing lunch in Shida, walking around again…

And followed it up with a nice messaging wishing me the best of luck in something I had to do in the evening. 🙂

Sure, he has yet to ask me out for the next time, so would be interesting to see whether he’s already been turned off and is running away.

But we’ll see… we’ll see how it goes.

If he asks me out again, cool. Otherwise, well, guess we’re just not meant to be, yes?

Regardless, have a feeling he should ask me out again. Checking out my schedule this week, it’s quite packed but would be interesting to see when I’ll see him again.

You know, let me tell you a little secret that you probably would’ve guessed already — I don’t know if I like him yet, but I am interested to see how far this would go. It seems that we are quite incompatible because he’s just so different, but wouldn’t really say no at this point…

In other words, he makes me smile. 🙂

Isn’t that crazy? SimpleGuy makes me smile. 🙂

And I think that’s a good thing… for now.

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