…asked me out for next week. Sweet enough to send the invitation twice via SMS because I was busy and took long to reply.

I smiled when I received his invite. Waaaa, inviting me when it’s non-climbing day? That’s a second! The first was when we had some nice beef noodles last Thursday…

But then again, no need to think too much la. Beef noodles had around 6 other friends with us, though ultimately, it was just 2 of us in the very end.

Given my luck, this week’s “date” features 12 other friends. 🙁

With regards to this week’s night-out, mango dou hua (tofu) is the agenda, and I just can’t wait. If the guy who’s inviting ain’t yummy, at the very least, am sure this mango tofu would be. He’s been raving about it since Thursday.

Of course, I vouched for my mango shaved ice from the Shilin Night Market which was totally orgasmic. Seriously, you feel as if you’ve died and gone to heaven!

So is he interested? Bah, really bad about these things la.

My friend Karen who’s having her lil’ romance in Seattle advises, “Just give him time. If he asks you over and over again, then you know he’s interested.”

Doh. I know that.

Really, I know that.

Okay, sleepy now. Will smile while sleeping.

T’is a great day to end the nice Saturday. 🙂

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

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