Leaving on a jetplane…

Flying to Laos tomorrow for another “one last stand before 2007 ends” adventure…

So excited! As always, since I’ve been busy with work, I still have to research about the country! Bah, will just do that when I get there.

Specifically, am visiting Vientienne, Luang Prabang and Van Vieng, and will be back in the New Year! Spending a special Christmas and new year’s eve there!

After China, India, Vietnam and New York, this will be the best way to end the year of working your ass off and traveling.

Hope I don’t forget anything!

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2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jetplane…

  1. Happy holidays, merry Christmas, happy New Year and everything else that I’d wish to myself to you too! That is an awesome way to recover from the year!


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