Conversation at the Driving Range

Raven: So what happened?

Golf-Buddy: It was crazy. One day, the girl I was seeing showed me her new orange bag and asked, “Guess how much this is?”

Raven: How much was it?

Golf-Buddy: NT$160,000.

Raven whistles.

Raven: That’s just crazy. An LV bag costs like NT$90,000 or so. Was the bag made of gold?

Golf-Buddy: I know. I lost a lot of respect for her for that. I mean, does buying a bag that expensive enough to compensate for your lack of self-esteem?

Raven: Geez.

Golf-Buddy: What’s even more fucked up is why she bought it.

Raven: What happened?

Golf-Buddy: A week before she purchased the bag, she backed out of a contract to buy some real estate. Unfortunately, she didn’t read the disclaimer and had to forgo NT$80,000 of her downpayment.

Raven: Go on…

Golf-Buddy: She felt so bad about losing that NT$80,000 that she went out the next week and bought herself a bag for NT$160,000.

Raven: You’re right, that’s really fucked up. I think I should be ashamed of being female now. That’s just insane logic. I usually splurge when traveling or working on a degree, but not for a bag especially if you can buy one for cheap.

Golf-Buddy: Yeah.


I spent the evening sipping Starbucks’ new Gingerbread Latte and whacking golf balls at the driving range. Wow, I’ve forgotten how much a pleasure it is to play golf and screw up a shot.

Am a bit off, but I ran into a female instructor this evening. She charges NT$1,000 an hour for lessons and am thinking of taking her up on her offer.

Sigh, let’s see if I can get enough time. So far, I’m booked solid for the next six months. I’d like to see whether I’d have the time for more activities.

It’s indeed a pleasure hanging out with my golf-buddy again just talking about everything and nothing. 🙂

So most likely, you’ll find me talking about golf a lot more in the future. Peace out!

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