Crazy Weekend

This weekend was just CRAZY.
So, what else is new?
To summarize, I went to Room 18 not once but twice.
Watched Mamma Mia in the middle of nowhere.
Tried out an A-Plus restaurant.
Dropped by a KTV party.
Did some overtime.
And yes, studied.
All in 1 weekend.
So what’s my excuse of going to Room 18 when I should’ve been studying?
First, I’ve been pacing myself with the studies and am making good progress. I’m now learning about calls/puts/option swaps which had my head reeling in confusion.
Geez, now is a good time to recommend a CFA tutor — please, I really need one!
But the main reason is, my good HKG buddy is in town and as memories of our partying at Room 18 back in the olden days have been so far positive — AND I’ve slaved so much in the office that I felt I deserved the break, I went.
Gawd, that place was just packin’!
We couldn’t really move and I was lucky to even have 5 cms to dance the night away to!
What’s even weirder was during the second night when I was there for a birthday party, the place was practically empty at 12:00 am — and was suddenly packed at 12:15 am!
And it remained packed till 3:30 am!
Great business indeed though am telling you, it’s a fire hazard waiting to happen! :0(
I’ve realized one thing though — I’ve had enough of Room 18 for a long long while. It’s no wonder I got a Room 18 overdose from this weekend. Am at the point in my life that clubbing doesn’t really do anything for me — I only do it when there’s a special occasion (e.g., homecoming, birthday), but it’s kinda sad and pathetic to be clubbing weekly.
Aside from clubbing, NT$3,200 poorer, I also watched Mamma Mia! this weekend!
Proof that I really did watch:

The show was in the middle of nowhere (near Xinzhuang or equivalent to NT$120 off the nearest MRT station). For a minute there, I was afraid I was going to miss the show!

Here’s where the show was held:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen — it was at a gymnasium!

My comments on the show?

Well, first the venue sucked not just because of its distance from Taipei City, but rather because it was at a gymnasium!
The acoustics was terrible and I couldn’t really get into the mood (though the Taiwanese girlies sitting beside me had no problems laughing at the cute moments).
Hence, the sound was a bit sabog, which was a pity considering it was a musical. Secondly, the artist who played the mother had a weaker voice so her songs were drowned out by her fellow duets if ever.
To its credit, I found it interesting to find out how they’ve managed to fit Abba music nicely into the story. In addition, the guy who played Skye was ultra-cute (though also seemed ultra-gay) so it all balanced out in the end. 🙂

Oh, and the fountain outside the gym was very interesting. Ain’t it cute to see lil’ children playing? 🙂

After the movie and some studying, we had dinner at A-Plus Dining & Sake Bar — my friend’s new discovery:

Am telling you, the place is TERRIFIC. We came out wondering, “How the heck have we not discovered this place before?”

33, AnHe Rd, Sec 1; (02) 2731-9266
Make your reservations now!

More higher-end than Dozo and Watami, the ambience is Japanese modern fusion and the food is oh-so-good. Their sushi is just like anybody elses’ but I just love the way they play around with food. And though it’s not that cheap, the prices are still reasonable given that it’s good dining experience.

Check out the dishes — first, there’s the assorted sushi, which was 8 pieces of what else? Different types of sushi:

Sizzling terriyaki beef surrounded by oodles and oodles of mushrooms (my fave!) at only NT$380:

Australian beef that’s served with two types of sauces — for a steak lover like me, though it wasn’t the best steak I’ve tasted (meat could’ve been softer), this was still manna from heaven:

Crispy salmon rolls that’s toasted on the side (NT$280) — my friend didn’t think it’s that delish but I liked it anyway:
Spicy tuna served with potato crispies (NT$280) — they weren’t kidding about the spicy:

At just the two of us dining to share, the food was way too much and way too good. The warm sake was a great way to end the dinner and we came away sated and happy. 🙂

We also dropped by some KTV fun where there was some wild singing, wine and dancing, and then moved forward to Room 18 that same night till the wee hours of the morning.

Geez, no wonder I woke up at 2:30 pm today!

But wait! Lest you think that I’ve wasted a perfectly good Sunday, I still managed to get my productivity up by working in the office (yes, slave indeed) and studying.
So yes, despite all the craziness going on, it’s still been a great weekend indeed. For the next weekend, it’s even going to be crazier as am heading off to New York!

It’s my first time to the Big Apple so am quite excited. Thank you mom and dad for that 10-year visa!

But hold on your horses, going there for work so it’s no piece of cake.

But still, New York!

Hahaha, time to hook up with some old friends! And yes, remember the changes I’ve talked about before, well, this will be the first step moving to that direction.
It’s getting late and I gotta rest up. Hope your weekend was as good as mine!

Behave everyone!

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  1. hey raven! thanks for the turkey day suggestions.. i reviewed A-Plus awhile ago.. glad you liked it! i really liked their spicy tuna because surprisingly it’s really hard to find in taipei! happy birthday, btw!

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