Cost vs. Benefit

I’m all for cost-cutting, but sometimes, you wonder if you’re so stringent in cutting off all the fat that you cut off the substance instead…

And because you can’t feel the pain yourself, you go on shaving away, without knowing it’s already hurting your business.

I’m in a super-lean business that is extremely stringent in costs. Contrary to public opinion that my industry is creme dela creme and we have money to waste, that’s just not true.

Unfortunately, I think that it’s sometimes too extreme in cost cutting that it hinders productivity instead. Case in point, the conference that I’ve organized a few months ago was a resounding success — but I had to almost kill myself for it.

In just one month alone, I’ve clocked over 190 hours of overtime.


Meaning, I’ve worked enough for that month to sustain me for another extra month.

If the company would’ve added another assistant, that would’ve alleviated the pain and stress so much better, but because we don’t have the headcount, I had no choice but to work with what I have. Thankfully, the assistants I have were quite capable and helped.

But I practically killed myself for it. I was so exhausted afterwards that I almost cried.


Now, they’re again talking about cost cutting in another project. And I have a feeling that it’s going to again be to my detriment.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be complacent and just shut up. Just let things be and go with the flow. But in times like this, I think it will hurt my company more if they are again too stringent with the costs.

I think my fault is, I care too much.

My predecessor didn’t care as much and did as she was told, and she’s now my boss’ assistant.

Maybe I should be the same.

Unfortunately, I can’t. If I do something, it has to be 100%, otherwise, why waste your time? Why do a project if you don’t own it?

Hence, inasmuch as I take the responsibility for all the f*ckups, I think credit should be given as due.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m blabbing, but this is what runs my mind nowadays.

You take care now.

Your thoughts appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “Cost vs. Benefit

  1. should always look for a new job.. but in this case .. maybe sooner..unless there’s going to be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow .. or something at least .. even the hint or smell of it…

    that or your gaining something in terms of experience or growth or something may make it worth while

  2. Google send me here aga…okay,no.I came of my own whachu gonna do about it,chimp? See Im not defensive at all.

    How does one feel when one refers to oneself in third person?Sometimes…there is no alternative!


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